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Specific Signs That It Is High Time to Move Your Home

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Moving from one home to another is always a tiresome ordeal, but there are times where it becomes necessary due to a variety of reasons ranging from security concerns to a simple desire to upgrade your residence. Getting a new place to stay can be a beautiful and life-changing experience, especially if you are moving to a place that gives you more peace and comfort. Of course, the decision to move is rarely ever an easy one. Rather, there are often several 'push' or 'pull' factors that will eventually make it inevitable to find a new place. Here are a few specific signs that should prompt you to finally act on the idea of moving to a new place. Plus, consider furniture hoisting services in NYC for smoother transitions.

Readiness for an Upgrade

When your financial situation improves, it’s only natural to want to upgrade your lifestyle, starting with the need to move to a place where it is befitting your financial status and where you feel you will get better value for your money with corresponding neighborhood quality. You will likely desire a more comfortable and luxurious residence with more space and comfort than the average homestead.

Moving, in this case, can often be cheaper and less stressful or demanding than having to renovate or upgrade your house. After all, a residence upgrade is often limited to some extent in any particular neighborhood. It's simply impractical and somewhat impossible to accommodate your new lifestyle in an old setting, such as trying to construct a square-mile pool and a helipad in a ghetto yard.


Sometimes, the need to move is a result of neighborhood decay as it slowly loses value over a rise in crime rates. In such a case, selling your house and moving to a different place before your houses’ value plummets might be a good idea, in addition to the fear of the criminal activity risks, of course.

If the crime rate is on the increase, you might want to move out of the crime-infested area for the sake of your safety and that of your family as well as property. You should not wait for when you have fallen victim to it. Instead, as soon as you feel unsafe, you should begin to start considering moving move to a much safer place.


The longer you stay at a place, the more you accumulate inventory, and with that, your home will eventually begin to feel cramped. This can lead to serious chaos in a smaller house, which cannot be cleared up so easily. You might be ending up having a hard time organizing your house, or you are increasingly finding it hard to accommodate guests because of the small space left inside.

You might also have overlooked some things when you acquired the house that might begin to feel irksome as time goes by. An example is you might end up feeling tired of waiting to use the bathroom or having to share rooms. This gets even worse if your family has grown since you moved in, making it even more crowded inside. If you feel that your current house is depriving you of your much-needed space, then you should consider it.

You plan on expanding your family

If you are thinking of increasing your family in terms of kids or pets, moving to another place might be ideal, so you can get more space to accommodate them or for them to roam and play more freely. You might also want to move to find a conducive neighborhood for them, where they are much safer and comfortable.

This extends to essential services such as schools. If you are planning on increasing your family with kids, then consider the distance to the nearest school and the quality of those schools close by. If you’re not happy with what you discover, it’s surely time to move. Consider other factors that enhance children’s environments, such as parks and other natural features.

Commuting Hustles

Commuting hustles are a tale-tell sign that it is high time that you move from where you are to a new place. If you lose a lot of time commuting to work or schools for your children, then you should begin to consider moving to a home much closer to those places of interest.

If you are being late to work or have to worry about it because of the distance, or if your children are constantly late to school because you live far from these places, then it’s time to evaluate your location and lessen the commuting burden on yourself and your family.

Family and friends

As no man is an island, we always seek to be close to our family and friends for support and comfort. As such, sometimes it becomes necessary to move to a place where there is easier contact with the ones you love. As the family becomes a bigger priority in your life, you might want to be in a place where they are always within reach. If you are a family person, then moving to a place where the family is closer becomes much more cost-effective. You might also want to move so that you can be closer to friends in a different area. This way, you do not feel left out or detached from them because of the distance. 

You’re in a serious relationship

When you find someone you love wholeheartedly, all rationale often goes out the window. Even then, humans are naturally driven to pursue love and companionship, even ahead of survival itself.  As such, finding a new place closer to that special person is such a logical move. It’s an opportunity to start a new era in your life on a new slate where you can create new memories and bonds. Moving can also be a good decision if the place you had cannot accommodate two people.


Lastly, some neighbors are simply from hell. This can easily affect the quality of your life and your overall peace of mind in your home, which is supposed to be a peaceful place after all. If you are not too keen on being around the neighbors you have, it might be a good decision to move because, often, there is very little we can do to change our neighbors' habits and behaviors, which affect us. As much as it may suck, the peace of mind is worth it! Good luck!

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In my past I found I needed to move due to crime.  It was my least favorite move and I was only renting.  But it was out of self defense in wanting to remove myself from doing something rash.  m

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