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Wordless Wednesday – The Revisited Discipline Lessons

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The last two weeks have been beyond busy (10-12 hours days plus) and my morning discipline of posting to Active Rain has taken a back seat to meeting real estate commitments along with some personal commitments. My first revisited learned lesson is sometimes one must prioritize one’s actions and recognize there are only 24 hours in a day. This first revisited discipline lesson has been experienced in the past and I know will again surface in the future.

Looking forward to the next four weeks, the real estate activity will continue to be very full from listings to managing the existing real estate transactions in escrow.

My second revisited discipline lesson is not to have regrets about not adhering to a specific discipline. Regrets are counter productive because regrets are about the past and not the present as definitely not about the future.  Additionally, regrets work against inner peace as noted by Mike Ditka:

"Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace."

The final lesson is to return to one’s discipline as soon as possible. This means to do what you need to do now and not later.  This quote by David Campbell helps us to return to our discipline.

Discipline is remembering what you want.

Others have shared their thoughts about discipline.

Discipline yourself, and others won’t need to.

John Wooden

Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it.

Mike Tyson

Few men are born brave. Many become so through training and force of discipline.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

Feature Photo Courtesy of Leanne M Smith, photo of Hualapai Mountains

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Leanne M. Smith, MS, GRI, rCRMS

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Great info, Leanne, wishing you continued escrow success.  PS--  that pic is stunning.  

Mar 27, 2024 06:12 AM
Leanne Smith

Thank you and I am fortunate to have been able to capture many of these stunning sunrises, sunsets and during the day photos. This was taken at 3:00pm.

Mar 27, 2024 07:26 AM
Dan Hopper
Dan Hopper - Gold Way RE - Westminster, CO
Colorado Broker / Referral Services

Great points in regards to discipline ... Leanne!!  Self-discipline is really where it all begins, and meeting success is not comparing oneself to others, rather what you have accomplished today that is better than yesterday... discipline!!

Mar 27, 2024 06:13 AM
Leanne Smith

Yes so true and why regrets are such a waste of time, energy and emotions along with creating a lack of peace of mind

Mar 27, 2024 07:26 AM
Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning Leanne. I am no fan of the thoughts of Mike Tyson, but his quote is a true exception to the rule. It made him a champion! Thanks for the post. Enjoy your day.

Mar 27, 2024 06:16 AM
Leanne Smith

I agree with you about not being a fan of Mike Tyson, but I did appreciate this quote. Good morning and enjoy this day as well. Thank you.

Mar 27, 2024 07:27 AM
Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393

Hello Leanne - the John Wooden quote sums it up nicely for me in a succinct way.  Life continues to happen...   

Mar 27, 2024 07:22 AM
Leanne Smith

Ah, yes life continues to happen and often our experiences are connected to past ones. Good to read you enjoyed the quote. Good morning and thank you.

Mar 27, 2024 07:27 AM
Carol Williams
Although I'm retired, I love sharing my knowledge and learning from other real estate industry professionals. - Wenatchee, WA
Retired Agent / Broker / Prop. Mgr, Wenatchee, WA

Hi Leanne,
Discipline is definitely a necessary attribute for success. Life is full of things we don't WANT to do but we need to do anyway. We can hire some of it out, but not all of it.

Mar 27, 2024 07:49 AM
Leanne Smith

Yes sometimes we can hire it out. What I have discovered is few people have the same high work ethic. Good morning to you as well.

Mar 27, 2024 07:58 AM
Endre Barath, Jr.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties - Beverly Hills, CA
Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002

Nothing wrong with being busy, I can relate to that as well as to the John Wooden quote, his book is next to my laptop:)Endre

Mar 27, 2024 10:40 PM
Leanne Smith

Yes John Wooden has several good quotes. I do not have his book and right now my book tower is too high to add another. Good morning to you Endre Barath, Jr. 

Mar 28, 2024 05:43 AM
Brian England
Ambrose Realty Management LLC - Gilbert, AZ
MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ

It's good to hear that you are busy, but 10-12 hours each day is too much.  Real estate is like that though, we are either too busy or not busy enough.

Mar 28, 2024 05:35 AM
Leanne Smith

Well as it has been said though not often here in the high desert, "Baby the rain must fall." Good morning Brian.

Mar 28, 2024 05:42 AM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

That's a great collection of quotes.  I had a dear friend, who often quoted John Wooden.  My friend was an Olympic swim coach.

Mar 28, 2024 01:06 PM
Leanne Smith

Glad to read you enjoyed the quotes. Thank you for stopping by.

Mar 28, 2024 03:56 PM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

CONGRATULATIONS Leanne, on having this blog FEATURED in the PHOTOS group!

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Mar 28, 2024 01:08 PM
Leanne Smith

Appreciate the feature in the Photos Group. Thank you.

Mar 28, 2024 03:56 PM