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Paper, The Only Tech You Need [An April 1st Joke]

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Why Paper is the Only Technology Realtors Need

Your grandparents didn’t need the internet to sell homes, and neither do you. All you need is paper and gumption. They were better than us in every possible way and, most importantly, they won WWII and took us to the moon. Have we been to the moon since we started using the internet. No, we have not. Forget this technology stuff and sell homes the old-fashioned way, the proven way, the way that works. Use paper.  

The Timeless Appeal of Paper In a world inundated with digital gadgets and gizmos, there's something undeniably charming and nostalgic about good old-fashioned paper. From handwritten notes to printed contracts, paper has been a staple in the real estate industry for decades. Its tangible nature provides a sense of authenticity and permanence that can't quite be replicated by pixels on a screen. Shakespeare wrote on paper, and no modern author using a computer has come close to his greatness. Indeed, even typewriters seem to have reduced the quality of writing. As we move away from paper and pen, society falls deeper and deeper into illiteracy and despair.

Only Things You Can Touch Are Real
Moreover, as we know from Taleb and other economic luminaries like him, only things you can hold in your hands have real economic value. He was correct in his famous prediction that Bitcoin would become utterly worthless. It is time people embrace the rest of this man’s economic philosophy as well---though we do have trouble endorsing his more troublesome insights about tail risk and thinking in terms of expected values. One and zeros stored in “cyber-space” are ephemeral. You need something your potential customers can touch. You need paper.

No Batteries Required
One of the biggest advantages of paper technology? It doesn't require batteries or a Wi-Fi connection! Unlike smartphones and tablets that need constant charging and updates, paper is always ready to go whenever inspiration strikes. Plus, you'll never have to worry about compatibility issues or software glitches—just grab a pen and start writing!

Unlimited Customization

With paper, the only limit is your imagination. Need to sketch out a floor plan or jot down a quick to-do list? Paper's got you covered. Want to create personalized thank-you notes for your clients? Break out the stationery and get crafting! The flexibility and versatility of paper technology make it the perfect tool for any realtor looking to add a personal touch to their business.

And who isn’t impressed by the marketing value associated with lawn signs. In fact, we think lawn signs are the future.


A Tangible Connection

 In an increasingly digital world, there's something special about receiving a printed brochure in the mail, which we all treasure the way we do Christmas cards and fruitcake. Paper has a way of forging an enduring connection with clients that digital communication can't quite replicate. Whether it's signing a contract or presenting a listing presentation, the physical act of engaging with paper technology can leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike. And when someone receives a paper cut, that just makes the connection all the more special.

Embrace the Analog Revolution

So why not embrace the analog revolution and give paper technology a try? Dust off your favorite notebook, break out the trusty pen, and rediscover the simple pleasure of putting pen to paper. Who knows, you might just find that going old-school is the modern way forward in the world of real estate!

Throw your laptop, smartphone and tablet away, and return to the elegance and beauty of paper. However, if you feel that you can’t put modernity aside, please visit us at www.kukun.ai and take a look at our Kukun Agent Portal. And if you want to combine paper and the “interwebs” you can always look to use our Ihomereport. Of course, this is an April Fool's prank---we strongly encourage realtor to make use of the internet in every way possible, including using our Kukun Portal for client engagement and lead generation. 

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