Radon Testing

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Q: Why don't you use the instant on-site radon test?

A: If I could I would, all inspectors would. The worst part of radon testing is returning to collect the completed test. The Simple truth is that according to the New York State Department of health it is illegal to conduct any radon test for shorter then the recommended minimum exposeure time of 48 hours. For various reasons I also believe that it is also an unethical practice. The only types of devices that can be used must be EPA approved. The instant device used, commonly referred to as the "Computer Test" is not a recognized device and should never be used to test for the presence of radon gas in homes.

The NYS Department of Health has issued orders to cease and desist the use of such devices to the companies utilizing them. In fact they recommend that all houses tested using such devices should be retested using approved devices deployed by certified and listed individuals.

The best position you can be in is to refer only companies that are NYS approved as a Radon Testing Laboratory (ELAP) or tester. That list is available at http://www.homeprony.com/RadonInformation

 We have a short 15 minuet office presentation titled "The Truth About Radon" that we would be happy to present in your office. It will explain, and clear up, all the issues about radon and radon testing. Contact us and we will be happy to present to your office.


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