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2024 Eclipse Fun In Texas!

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2024 Eclipse Fun In Texas! 

As you may have all have heard, because it was all over the news, the 2024 Eclipse was scheduled to come through Texas today. According to NASA a total solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, completly blocking the face of the sun! It was going to be precisely at 1:44 PM when the moon covered the earth for approximately 4 and 1/2 minutes, in our area,  so we could not pass up the opportunity to take a break and watch it!  Where we live it was in the "center line" of the eclipse's path so we made a day, well a couple of hours of it! 

It was a fun few hours with the inlaws ages 87 & 85, watching it with them today!
They said they had never seen anything like it in their lifetime! We were so happy to share it with them & watch their reactions! 

(check out my Texas Bluebonnets in my front yard!) 

We had turkey & cheese sliders with artichoke dip for lunch. I wanted to make moon pies,  but I did not have time (it is the busy selling season ya know!) The recipe had too many steps & I just did not have time like my neighbor did! I should have picked  some up from Walmart! 

The glasses we bought off Amazon weren't that great so we used my husbands welding helmet to see it better! It was a little cloudy but the forecasted rain held off! It was honestly an amazing experience! I did not get a picture but it went totally black for about 4 and 1/2 minutes but is was so COOL!  Our deer feeder went off because it thougt it was dusk! 

I hope you had a chance to experience this once in a lifetime solar eclipse wherever you were! 

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Michael Jacobs
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Hello Tracy - thanks for sharing your 2024 path of totality experience in Texas with us.  Each photo was appreciated but, I especially like the expression on your parents' faces, the welding helmet as well as the bluebonnets (which will hopefully last a lot longer than the eclipse event).    

Apr 09, 2024 03:54 AM