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Throughout history, there have been large events that have stripped the population of many of it's participants. These events include World Wars, famines, plagues, and natural disasters. Each event has killed thousands to millions of people.

We know many of these events by name: The Black Plague, The Potatoe Famine, WWI, WWII, the Tsunami in Indonesia, the list goes on. These massive deaths are known as culling. As horrific and saddening as these events have been they are also necessary for the survival of our species. Overpopulation may be the biggest threat to our very survival on this earth.

We are experiencing a culling in our industry. Not the same kind (thank God) but it is lethal in a career sort of way. I often bemuse how when I took my California State broker's exam back in 1998 there were not more than thirty people in that class. I heard that in 2003 the State was having to rent out the convention center to administer the salesperson license test to over 3,000 people at a time.

I can also recall all the people that came through my doors when I had a mortgage bank. I employed (as loan officers) practicing lawyers, 2 doctors, and one college professor. I employed truck drivers, baristas, students, car salesman, and many other types. It was the third California Gold Rush. In my 10 years as an executive at a mid-sized firm I must have employed over 2,000 people and interviewed probably quadruple that number.

Today, sadly, many of my friends have left the business. Some fire balled out in a blaze of unglory and others have slowly faded away. Some are contractors now, some are selling other financial products, some are back to selling lattes. I do miss those heddy days, but I also understand it had to  happen.

It's nice to see that right  now AR has over 96,500 memebers, although I am sure many of them are no longer active. Right now I see that over 5,400 members are online. That is a hugh number. It usually is half of that.

We needed this. We needed the correction. We needed to get rid of some of the unprofessional types who infiltrated our ranks. We needed to seed out the amateurs and the less-than-dedicated. You all should be proud. You're still here and I know it hasn't been easy. When people ask me how I am doing, I wittingly reply, "I'm still doing." That is the best I can say and I am proud to say it. Even the biggest title companies are shells of their former selves. Some of the mightiest lending titans won't lend anymore.

This had to happen and as hard as it is may very well have kept us survivors in the game to play again.