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Chubby Baker near Provo Utah: Homemade Asian American Bakery

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Chubby Baker in Orem, which is right next to Provo Utah is my recent discovery of the best place to get your sugar fix!

They even have a sign in their window that says they are your ‘sugar dealer’.

Oh my… their donuts are delicious… and I don’t even favor donuts!

The only donut I tell people I will eat is a Krispy Kreme glazed donut, and ONLY when the RED Hot light is on.

But … I just changed my mind!

Chubby Baker donuts are so soft and delicious.

Their flavors are not your typical donut flavors.

Chubby Baker makes regular donuts but their claim to fame are their filled donuts and the fact they are home-made fresh.

This bakery is a fusion of Asian and American ingredients and flavors.

My filled donut favorites are the following:

Hot Guava — Yummy with a touch of heat. Just enough to say — wow- this is amazing!

Purple Yam (Ube) Donuts served at Chubby Baker in Orem Utah- a bakery known for serving Homemade Asian American pastries…

Ube Cream — I love Ube. If you have not tried Ube, you are missing out on one amazing flavor!

Thai Young Coconut Cream — This is a fan favorite and our family favorite. The coconut is not overpowering. The cream is just enough. So delic!!!!!

They also serve amazing ‘cake boxes’ like I used to buy in Japan. The Ube cake box, of course, is smooth and heavenly. Don’t miss out on trying these!

Location of Chubby Baker near Provo Utah

The Chubby Baker is located at 1167 S State Street, Orem, UT 84097.

Chubby Baker near Provo Utah Hours

Chocolate Donuts made of Ferrero Rocher served at Chubby Baker near Provo Utah. Photo captured by Katerina Gasset, owner and author of the Move to Provo Utah website…

Chubby Baker near Provo, Utah, is open:

  • Tuesday, Saturday: 10:30 a.m. — 9:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10:30 a.m. — 7:00 p.m.
  • Monday: Closed

How Chubby Baker near Provo Utah Started

These are cookies and cream donuts at Chubby Baker located near Provo Utah. Photo captured by Katerina Gasset of the Gasset Group Real Estate Team in Utah…

Chubby Baker is a bakery in Orem, Utah, owned by Ying Nance. Ying is from Thailand and came to the United States during the pandemic. She missed the baked goods from her home country, so she started making her own in her mother-in-law’s kitchen.

Ying uses recipes inspired by her Thai background. One of her most famous treats is the passion fruit cream cheese donut!

Chubby Baker opened in October 2021. It started small, with customers visiting Ying’s mother-in-law’s house to try her goodies. But soon, it became so busy, Ying had to hire a team to help keep up with the demand.

In September 2023, Chubby Baker opened a location near Trader Joe’s in Orem. This expansion showed that Chubby Baker wanted to share its delicious treats with more community members.

What’s Unique About Chubby Baker Near Provo Utah

This is a photo of Banana Pudding Bomb- one of the best selling chiffon cakes at Chubby Baker near Provo Utah…
  • Chubby Baker starts with the best ingredients to make their treats taste delicious.
  • Chubby Baker’s team is pushing the boundaries of traditional baking. They constantly experiment with new flavor combinations.
  • The treats at Chubby Baker are visually stunning! Each pastry contains vivid colors and fine details, making them almost too beautiful to eat. Rest assured, they are too yummy to resist!
  • Chubby Baker desires to spread joy through their creations. Their sole purpose is to bring happiness either through a celebration cake or a donut to brighten someone’s day.

Atmosphere and Ambiance of Chubby Baker Near Provo, Utah

Wall covered in pink roses with the name “Chubby Baker” in the middle. Chubby Baker is an Asian American bakery where you can enjoy homemade pastries combining a delicious mix of Asian and American pastry goodness. Image by Katerina Gasset, restaurant reviewer and author of the Move to Provo Utah website…

The first thing you’ll see is a big, beautiful wall covered in pink roses with the name “Chubby Baker” in the middle. Inside, you’ll notice that the colors are mostly soft and warm, with hints of pink everywhere. It creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

One of the highlights of visiting Chubby Baker is seeing all the different kinds of donuts they have.

They’re displayed on trays, sorted by flavor. They looked so pretty and delicious, you can’t wait to try them all!

Customer Service at Chubby Baker near Provo, Utah

Donut wall decor at Chubby Baker located in Orem, near Provo Utah. Photo captured by Katerina Gasset of the Gasset Group Real Estate Team- owner and author of the Move to Provo Utah website…

The staff at Chubby Baker are super friendly. They’ll talk to you, recommend treats, and answer any questions you have about their yummy donuts and cake boxes.

Their excitement about the bakery’s treats is so contagious, you’ll feel excited, too!

One of the staff members told me about their favorite ones and which were the most popular.

Menu of Chubby Baker Near Provo, Utah

Peanut butter and jelly donut topped with peanut butter crackers featured at Chubby Baker’s January Special. Image by Katerina Gasset, restaurant reviewer and author of the Move to Provo Utah website…

Chubby Baker has a lot of delicious treats. They have donuts with coconut, guava, ube, or strawberry fillings.

They also have monthly special donuts, such as:

  • Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu Donuts,
  • Double Chocolate Donuts, or
  • Raspberry Rose Ring Donuts

They have bulk packs if you want to buy a dozen donuts.

Chubby Baker has cakes in boxes. You can choose from Strawberry Fresh Cream, Gooey Chocolate, or Ube flavors.

They have coffee, tea, fizz drinks, and smoothies if you’re in the mood for a drink. They even have Ube or Oreo-flavored shakes.

Filled Donuts

  • Thai Young Coconut Donut — $4.85
  • Hot Guava Donut — $4.85
  • Ube Cream Donut — $4.85
  • Ferrero Rocher Donut — $4.85
  • Strawberry & Cream Donut — $4.85
  • Passionfruit Creamcheese Donut — $4.85

Ring Donuts

  • Plain Sugar Donut — $2.50
  • Cinnamon Sugar Donut — $2.50
  • Brown Butter Donut — $2.75
  • Kit Kat Chocolate Donut — $2.75
  • Blueberry Lavender Donut — $3.00

Monthly Special Donuts

These are strawberry and cream donuts you can buy from Chubby Baker located near Provo Utah- a bakery that serves American and Asian pastries near Provo Utah…
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu donut — $5.25
  • Double Chocolate Donut — $5.25
  • Raspberry Rose Ring Donut — $3.00

Bulk Packs

  • Half dozen (Filled Donuts) — $28.00
  • Dozen (Filled Donuts) — $55.00

Cake Boxes

Gooey chocolate cake made by Chubby Baker Homemade Asian American Bakery located in Orem Utah near Provo…
  • Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake Box — $8.50
  • Gooey Chocolate Cake Box — $8.50
  • Ube Fresh Cream Cake Box — $8.50
  • Chubby Tiger Cake Box — $8.50
  • Banana Pudding Bomb Cake Box — $8.50


  • Americano — $4.00
  • Latte — $5.00
  • Cloud Latte — $5.75
  • Lavender Latte — $5.50
  • Tiramisu Latte — $5.75
  • Oreo Latte — $5.75
  • Black Tonic (Ice Only) — $5.50


  • Lavender Milk Tea — $5.00
  • Black Current Tea — $3.00
  • Blueberry Hibiscus Tea — $4.00
  • Thai Tea (Ice only) — $5.75
  • Peach Tea (Ice only) — $5.00

Fizz Drink

  • Green Apple Fizz — $5.00
  • Raspberry Peach Fizz — $5.00
  • Peach Fizz — $5.00
  • Raspberry Fizz — $5.00
  • Lychee Fizz — $5.00
  • Passion Fruit Fizz — $5.00
  • Pink Fizz — $5.50


  • Matcha Ube — $5.50
  • Matcha Latte — $5.00
  • Matcha Espresso — $5.85
  • Matcha Strawberry (Ice only) — $5.85
  • Matcha Chocolate — $5.85

Other Drinks

  • Milk — $3.00
  • Pink Drink (Ice only) — $5.00
  • Ube Latte — $5.00
  • Dark Chocolate — $4.00
  • Korean Strawberry Milk (Ice only) — $5.50
  • Water bottle — $1.50


  • Mango Smoothie — $8.00
  • Mango Passionfruit Smoothie — $8.00
  • Peach Smoothie — $8.00
  • Chocolate Banana Smoothie — $8.00
  • Coconut Smoothie — $8.00


  • Ube Milkshake — $8.00
  • Biscoff Milkshake — $8.00
  • Oreo Milkshake — $8.00

Chubby Baker, near Provo, Utah, currently has no reported health violations by the Utah County Department of Health. You can check the provided link if you would like to verify this information yourself.

5 Star Review:

This is one of Chubby Baker’s donuts split in half to show its rich filling and soft bread. Image by restaurant reviewer, Katerina Gasset — a licensed Realtor in Provo Utah…

I give Chubby Baker a 5 star review because of their amazing flavors and moistness. The one thing I never liked about donuts is how dry they tend to be and flavorless. This is why I typically don’t choose donuts as a desert or a treat.

But Chubby Baker changed that! Their donuts have amazing moisture. They melt in your mouth. And their cream is real! Not that fake cool whip kind of taste. They really came onto something by adding cream into their donuts!

Original Article is on MovetoProvoUtah.com — https://movetoprovoutah.com/chubby-baker-near-provo-utah-home-made-asian-american-bakery/

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Katerina Gasset I have not seen donuts like the ones in your photos, but would love to try one.

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