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Cantonment Rotary: Volunteer It Is A Great Place To Start

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Cantonment, Florida: There is something new at the Cantonment Rotary Club each week, and YOU should be a part of it. Charles Stallions, former president and current Sargent Of Arms, brings you the happenings of the Cantonment Rotary Club. 

Cantonment, Florida, stands as a testament to the resilience of communities throughout history. From its military origins to its present-day vibrancy, Cantonment reflects the spirit of adaptability and progress. The Cantonment Rotary, rooted in the principles of Rotary International, is an active participant in shaping the community's future.

As Cantonment continues to evolve, the Rotary's commitment to service remains unwavering. Through collaboration, volunteerism, and a dedication to making a positive impact, the Cantonment Rotary contributes to the ongoing story of this historic Florida community. Together, the people of Cantonment and the Rotary work hand in hand to build a future that honors the past while embracing new opportunities for growth and service.

Youth Service recognizes the importance of empowering young people through programs like InteractRotary Youth Leadership AwardsRotary Youth Exchange, and New Generations Service Exchange. May is Youth Service Month in the Rotary world. To get ready for it, learn more about how you can support young leaders:

Find out what young leaders say about what service means to them on the Service in Action blog.

For More Information on Cantonment Rotary or Membership opportunities, Call or Text Charles at 850-476-4494 or email charles@charlesstallions.com

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