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When embarking on your journey into new construction development, having Charles Stallions, your trusted real estate broker, is paramount. An adept buyer’s agent possesses a vast network of home builders, lenders, and home inspectors, ensuring you gain access to crucial insights for your search. Teaming up with a seasoned agent specialized in new construction empowers you to pinpoint the proper development, scrutinize builder credentials, and decipher the intricacies of builder contracts with finesse.

Although home builders typically have their representatives, their allegiance lies solely with the builder's interests. As highlighted by top real estate agent Saud Rai, who boasts an impressive 22% higher sales rate than the average agent in Homestead, Florida, the allure of new construction can mask its inherent challenges. Rai aptly warns that prices of new construction homes may be artificially inflated, and some builders might dangle direct incentives like financial credits to sidestep collaboration with a buyer’s agent.

"Not all builders operate this way, but the majority prioritize their bottom line and quotas," Rai elucidates. In negotiations, inexperienced buyers may fall short in advocating for optimal terms. An agent dedicated to your best interests can deftly negotiate with the builder, securing upgrades, favorable financing terms, and occasionally even a more competitive price point. Here are a few questions a buyer should ask builders when shopping for a home.

  1. Do you have references from recent buyers?
  2. What kind of incentives do you offer for using your preferred lender?
  3. What does the construction timeline look like, and what happens if there are delays?
  4. What kind of HOA oversight will there be?
  5. If materials and labor cost more than initially quoted, will I, as the buyer, be responsible for those costs?
  6. What specific warranties do you offer?

For more information on new homes in Pensacola, Pace, or Gulf Breeze, Florida, including the one thing that all new home buyers need to know BEFORE purchasing a new home. Call or Text Charles Stallions at 850-476-4494.  

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