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Up-and-Coming Charlotte Neighborhoods You Should Know About

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Charlotte has many different neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods feel old and historic, while others are modern. These neighborhoods show how Charlotte keeps growing and changing over time. 


This guide discusses how these neighborhoods are changing and what makes them unique. We’ll learn about what’s special in each area and why they appeal to residents. 


Find the right neighborhood with this guide, whether you like old-style, modern, or a blend of both. 


Is Charlotte NC Up and Coming?


Charlotte Regional Business Alliance found that many people are moving here in Charlotte. 


About 113 people picked Charlotte as their new home every day between 2021 and 2022. That’s a significant number! It shows that many people favor Charlotte’s living environment. Charlotte is getting more new residents than cities like Nashville and Raleigh. 


Many people are coming to Charlotte because living here isn’t as expensive as living in other cities. People are leaving high-cost cities for a better, more affordable life in Charlotte.


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Is Moving to Charlotte NC a Good Idea?


Thinking about moving to Charlotte, North Carolina? It has many amenities and opportunities for people who want to live here. 


One thing about Charlotte is it’s not too expensive to live here compared to other big cities. That means you can manage your expenses while still enjoying a good standard of living. People here are friendly, making it easy for new residents to fit in. 


Charlotte’s culinary scene is noteworthy for its variety and quality! There are different types of food to try, so if you like exploring new flavors, you’ll have a blast here. 


Besides affordability and great dining, Charlotte has job opportunities, especially in finance. The city also experiences favorable weather conditions, which makes living here even better. 


Charlotte’s been named the #8 Best Place to Live by the U.S. News & World Report. That’s a big deal! It's highly regarded for its exceptional lifestyle and robust employment prospects. 


Charlotte could be what you’re looking for if you want to live in a welcoming place. It has reasonable living costs, promising job prospects, and a rich food culture. Many people are moving here, and it’s becoming more popular for a reason!


What are the Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC? 

1. SouthPark

SouthPark, six miles south of Uptown Charlotte, has changed a lot over time. Around 40,000 people work here, and about 18,000 people live here too. But South Park isn't only a workplace or a residential area. It’s a lively neighborhood with diverse offerings. 

There’s this big mall called South Park Mall that started in 1970. You'll find fancy stores like Neiman Marcus, Tiffany’s, and Nordstrom.

Food is a big deal here, too! You'll discover upscale dining at The Palm and Ruth’s Chris. There are more relaxed places like Cheesecake Factory and Roosters. So, no matter what you’re hungry for, there’s something tasty around. 

Residents enjoy summer concerts by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Park. And if kids need to go to school, there are good ones nearby, like Myers Park High School and South Mecklenburg High School. 

There are good hospitals here, too, like Carolinas Medical Center and Presbyterian Hospital. Residents have access to quality medical care. 

SouthPark is changing and improving with new local shops mixing with established brands. This mix of old and new makes South Park a great place to live and do business. 

Home Values in SouthPark

  • Prices range from $99,500 to $7.7 million 
  • Average price is about $667,000 (October 2023)
  • Price went up by 6.2% last year

2. Ballantyne

Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, is an area that’s growing fast and becoming more popular. Some parts are suitable for walking or biking, but most people use cars, especially for going to work. Luckily, the Charlotte Area Transit System helps people get around the neighborhood. 

This place used to be a hunting area owned by the Harris family in North Carolina. It started getting developed in 1992 and was all set up by 1995. John Harris and Smoky Bissell helped to make it one of Charlotte’s first prominent neighborhoods. 

Right now, around 70,582 people live in Ballantyne. It has many parks, country clubs, and nice houses that people like. People enjoy it because it’s quiet but still has urban amenities. 

Families, workers, and students favor it for its safety, proximity to schools, and job prospects. Ballantyne has its own offices, golf spots, and country clubs. 

One big thing here is the Ballantyne Corporate Park. It’s a big area where lots of companies have their offices. That’s where many people find jobs. 

Home Values in Ballantyne East:

  • Cheaper than SouthPark 
  • Homes are about $445,000 on average (October 2023)
  • Prices dropped a lot by 24.2% last year
  • Fewer homes for sale, ranging from $250,000 to $875,000  

Home Values in Ballantyne West

  • Homes are about $510,000 on average (October 2023)
  • Prices went up by 21.4% last year
  • Homes, ranging from $275,000 to $5 million

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3. Myers Park

Myers Park is a neighborhood known for its beautiful houses and tree-lined streets. The housing styles vary. You’ll see classic homes, cozy bungalows, and unique Tudor-style houses here. 

Living in Myers Park feels like being part of a close group. Most people here own their homes. There are lovely places to visit, like peaceful parks, cozy restaurants, and fun spots to hang out.

Families who like feeling close-knit and prefer traditional ways love Myers Park. The schools maintain an excellent reputation and are highly regarded in the neighborhood. 

Home Values in Myers Park

  • Homes cost about $1.8 million on average (October 2023)
  • Prices went up by 15.5% last year
  • Homes range from $285,500 to $5.3 million

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4. Lake Park

Lake Park, a North Carolina village, was designed long before people moved in. Starting as an idea, it slowly grew, adding parks, churches, and commercial spaces. It became a village in 1994. Now, it’s loved for its cozy small-town feel, beautiful homes, and proximity to Charlotte. 

Even though it’s small, with about 3,317 people, Lake Park is part of the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia metro area, with 2.7 million people.

Lake Park has a community center with facilities like pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds. 

Lake Park's culinary scene is notable because it’s near Charlotte. There are many great restaurants to choose from. It’s about 15 miles from downtown Charlotte along Unionville-Indian Trail Road. 

Lake Park has fun events throughout the year, like kite festivals and celebrations. There are also clubs for gardening and groups for seniors, making it a lively place to live. 

Different kinds of homes are found in Lake Park. There are more homes like condos and townhouses closer to the Town Center. In the outer areas, the homes have bigger yards and look more like suburban houses with porches. 

Home Values in Lake Park

  • Homes are about $390,500 on average (October 2023)
  • Prices dropped a bit by 1.8% last year
  • Homes, ranging from $264,000 to $495,000

5. Uptown

Uptown Charlotte in North Carolina has engaging attractions and activities. 

The neighborhood has an impressive culinary scene. There are exquisite restaurants for fancy meals, along with vibrant nightlife venues. 

For sports enthusiasts, the Uptown Arena is a prominent venue. 

Car fans would love the NASCAR Hall of Fame. It offers captivating displays and interactive activities focused on racing. And if you’re a fan of baseball, watching a Charlotte Knights game at BB&T Ballpark is exciting. 

Watching a Carolina Panthers game is a fun experience. You can cheer for your team and feel the excitement in the stadium. 

Romare Bearden Park provides a peaceful escape within the city. It has picturesque gardens, captivating art, and a fun recreational area for families. 

Discovery Place Science offers hands-on exhibits for science learning. 

The Mint Museum Uptown has lots of art to see and even classes to learn more. Similarly, the Blumenthal Arts Center has performances and art-related activities. Don’t forget about the Charlotte Mecklenburg Main Library! They offer a wealth of resources, events and tutoring services. 

Home Values in Uptown

  • Homes are about $499,000 on average (October 2023)
  • Prices went up by 17% last year
  • Lots of different types of homes, from $235,000 to $3.2 million. 

Discover the hottest up-and-coming neighborhoods in Charlotte NC, perfect for those seeking homes for sale in vibrant new areas.

Charlotte, NC, has diverse neighborhoods like South Park, Ballantyne, Myers Park, Lake Park, and Uptown. Each neighborhood offers a selection of homes for different preferences and budgets. 


There are so many choices that it might take a lot of work to pick! REALTOR® Nancy Braun is an expert on Charlotte’s neighborhoods. You can call her at 704-286-9844 to help you find the perfect home in Charlotte. 

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