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Real Estate Agents Are Salespeople

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After reading the barrage of articles about all the changes or should I say impending doom in real estate such as real estate 3.0, more transparency, etc. the one thing that is not being said or highlighted is:

Real estate agents are salespeople who are licensed!

Pretty simple! And yet, how many real estate agents think of themselves as salespeople?

I remember taking my 90-hour pre-licensing course and the instructor told all those in attendance that real estate was all about marketing and they as real estate agents were marketers.  With over four decades of sales experience, I knew that was false and decided not to engage in a fruitless discussion.

Marketing is about attracting, hopefully positive, attention from the targeted audience.

Successful salespeople understand that sales is essentially a three phrase process. First there is marketing as noted above. Second is selling, securing a successful transaction (sold). The final phrase is Keeping.  Here is where many of the sales referrals originate because of top of mind awareness (TOMA).

Unfortunately, I have heard numerous real estate agents including those I had previously coached make one of these two statements:

  1. I am not in sales.
  2. I am not a salesperson.

And this is the beginning of their downfall and one of the reasons for all this angst in the real estate industry.

No longer can licensed agents:

  • Just open a couple of door and expect to have earned a fee for their limited efforts
  • Do the minimum amount of work for the maximum amount of money
  • Not demonstrate the necessary sales skills such as negotiation including explaining and negotiating their fees
  • Ignore the contract and all require documentation
  • Relieve themselves of all due diligence (putting 100% due diligence on the buyer’s shoulders)
  • Expect the agent on the other side to handle their contractual responsibilities

Professional real estate agents understand the sales process and work through it and not against it. There is one continued outcome from all this change that I do agree will happen.

Real estate agents who are not professional, who do not understand the sales process, who are not actively engaged in fulfilling their responsibilities to protect and promote their clients will quickly fall to the way side. The subset of this fact is recruiting by some brokerages will change and hopefully this change will be for the good. Not everyone has the mental attitude, aptitude nor resilience to be in sales.

When we understand Sales is a people business and have clarity about our roles, our skills, our legal requirements, we will be successful.

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