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How To Stay Safe While Hunting For Your Dream Home

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When it comes to investments, experts often highlight the ability of real estate to retain value better than other options, such as stocks, especially during periods of high inflation. For example, during the inflation surge in the past two years, the median value of houses increased by 44% from 2019 to 2022, bringing US homeowners' median net worth to $396,000. 


Admittedly, buying a house comes with challenges, regardless of whether you are a newcomer to the world of real estate or an experienced property buyer. This intricate process involves many steps, and it is entirely normal to feel overwhelmed since this is a significant financial commitment and a milestone personal achievement. 


Moreover, your safety should always be a priority amidst the thrill of exploring new spaces and envisioning future memories. Thus, understanding the dangers and knowing how to stay safe during your house hunting expedition can protect you from bodily harm and shield you from possible financial and emotional distress. 


Physical Dangers When House Hunting


While house hunting might not seem immediately perilous, several potential hazards can injure you if you are not aware and careful. One common concern is the physical condition of the properties you visit, especially if you're drawn to older homes. In these situations, it is common to encounter uneven floors, wobbly railings, or poorly lit steps, which could lead to trips and falls. 


Additionally, properties under renovation or construction can present their own dangers, such as exposed wiring, scattered nails, and construction tools. These factors pose risks to adults but are particularly hazardous if you have children accompanying you, so always observe any posted warning signs and follow directions given by your real estate agent or the property owner when navigating these areas.


Weather conditions add another layer of risk because slips and falls are more common in wet or icy conditions, plus the houses you're viewing might be unoccupied or not frequently visited, leading to poor maintenance of walkways or driveways. It's also prudent to pace yourself, as the excitement and sometimes pressure of finding the right home might make you rush through viewings, potentially missing threats lurking around. 


Should an accident occur within the premises, contact your lawyer after receiving medical attention so he can guide you on what steps must be taken to pursue accountability. “Compensation for personal injury claims generally fall under one of two umbrellas: economic and non-economic damages,” says Justin M. Chopin, New Orleans personal injury lawyer.



Finding your dream home may be an exciting and rewarding experience, but don’t get lost in the excitement at the risk of your safety. Remember to take your time, inspect properties thoroughly but carefully, and feel free to ask questions if anything looks amiss or feels unsafe. Here are more safety tips to keep in mind while house hunting:

Be A Smart Scheduler

Your house-hunting adventure will involve scheduling viewings or open houses, and it is best to arrange these appointments during daylight hours to ensure visibility and reduce the risks associated with nighttime outings. Avoid going alone, and bring a friend, family member, or your trusted real estate agent who can provide an additional layer of safety and offer a second opinion on the properties you're viewing at the same time.

Know The Neighborhood

Your future home's location is crucial to your overall safety and quality of life, so you must arm yourself with relevant information about the area before even considering the property. With the internet, you can easily research the neighborhood for its crime rates, walkability scores, and community reviews through local forums, social media groups, and neighborhood apps, which provide insights from current residents. Aside from enabling you to shortlist the properties, this research will also minimize your risks when you go for a physical inspection. 

Use Trusted Resources

While it may be tempting to directly reach out by calling the number listed, it is not advisable to randomly call or visit a property with a "For Sale" sign. Checking out properties without a professional can lead you to safety and efficiency issues; plus, you may waste your time by visiting ones that do not suit your preferences or are outside your budget. Moreover, many aspects of house hunting require professional insight, where the expertise of your real estate agent becomes invaluable. 


Wear Appropriate Footwear

Your footwear can have practical implications beyond comfort and style, and opting for slip-on shoes could be a strategic choice for both convenience and safety. Some properties might require you to remove your shoes to protect the flooring, particularly in homes with new carpeting, so it's beneficial to wear shoes that you can quickly remove. Slip-on shoes also eliminate the risk of loose laces, which can be a tripping hazard when you’re too preoccupied with inspecting the details of the house as you walk along. 

Utilize Technology for Safety

You can use technology to ensure your safety while house hunting, such as sharing your location with trusted contacts through a smartphone app when you go for a viewing. Consider apps specifically designed for safety, which can provide quick access to emergency services or alert your contacts if you feel unsafe. You can also opt for virtual tours to explore homes from the safety of your current residence, minimizing the risks associated with in-person viewings.

Trust Your Instincts

Pay attention to your intuition, and tune into your emotions and reactions when you step into each room, taking note of places that make you uncomfortable or give you a sense that something doesn’t feel right. These gut reactions are valuable insights that act as a natural, internal guide, signaling whether a situation is beneficial or potentially harmful, steering you away from situations that may not be ideal, and directing you towards environments that feel welcoming and right.


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I had no idea that house hunting could be so dangerous, oh my !

Apr 23, 2024 08:34 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
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Hi Tommy... not a topic people often discuss, but clearly very important! Great post.

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