Online Promotion Success - Google, and EXP - Oakland County, Michigan

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Online Promotion Success - Google, and EXP - Oakland County, Michigan

Getting on the first page of Google and attracting new eyeballs has been a little tricky lately. Google has tried social media networks and has eventually pulled the plug. Even sites based in Wordpress have done very little to gain attraction in the SERPS -  (search engine result pages).

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I have found that working with mobile pages has changed the search game quite a bit. In the past three weeks I was somewhat surprised at how quickly you can show up on Google if you know how to position the code properly. At the end of the day it has made search really more simple.

With a few tweaks in this area I have found that working with EXP sites has become very interesting. The notice on the back office tells the user that it takes up to 12 weeks, (or more ) to get any kind of online visibility.

EXP realty - online google results

Imagine my surprise when I was able to do this in just five days? We were able to appear on page 1 of Google in that short of time -- page 1 - without the purchase of online ads. The other interesting thing was that the EXP website went from being no visibility to MAJOR visibility in 24 - 48 hours.

I will be watching this very closely and will be posting results. I am also going to be showing realtors how to do this and how to create web media that will rank on Google. Keep in mind that Yahoo and Bing are closely related and are less responsive when it comes to positioning your company on their platforms in the page 1 position.

EXP Realtors - Online Google Results

** Google only accepts roughly 18% of all websites.  So its important to learn how to communicate with them.

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