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Homeowner Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I have a home inspection?


A home purchase is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. A home inspection provides you with the information you need to feel more confident in your decision. Our inspection will provide you with a detailed, objective report of the home's condition so you can be aware of what you are about to invest in.




How long does the inspection take?


A typical inspection of a property less than 2,000 square feet lasts approximately two and a half hours.




Do I need to be present at the time of the inspection?


Yes, it is to the buyer or seller's benefit to be present at the time of the inspection. The point of a home inspection is not just to inspect the property, but also to educate the homeowner or potential buyer of the condition of the property. This can be better achieved if you are present at the time of the inspection.




How will the inspection help me determine the condition of the home?


During the course of the inspection, the inspector will explain the condition of the property. After the inspection, the inspector will provide you with your home inspection report so that you can make an informed decision on purchasing or listing the property.




What is included in the report ?


The inspector will provide you with a fully detailed report. The report outlines all major areas of the home including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, roofing and more.  The report may also contain a complete do-it-yourself home repair manual as well as additional information that is beneficial to you as a homeowner.

Being Present During Inspections

It is important that you, as a homebuyer, be present during the two to three hour inspection. By accompanying the inspector you will gain additional insight.

•·         See first hand the condition of each key component throughout the house and property so you will have a better understanding of your house and of the inspection report.

•·         Allay concerns about findings which, on paper may seem distressing buy in fact may be superficial. For example, the inspector might explain that some lubricant can quiet an alarming noise coming from an appliance; that an unsightly column needs only a coat of paint, or that the problem that caused a water spot has previously been corrected.

•·         Learn about the operation of your new home-how the heating system works, how to control pilot lights, how to turn on various appliances and components, where shutoffs are to save time and avoid frustration. The inspector can point out maintenance needs and procedures and explain how and when to check items needing periodic monitoring.

•·         Have all of your questions and concerns addressed immediately as they arise.

Prior to the inspection, prepare a list of questions or concerns about the property. Relate these to the inspection company in advance to ensure that such matters will be properly addressed and that any special arrangements can be made if necessary. Bring your list to the inspection.




1st Choice Inspection Services, LLC



At 1st Choice Inspection if you are searching for an inspector, we understand that you have many choices. That is why I would like to explain to you why I am the best choice for your home inspector. I realize that this home, or building, you are purchasing is a huge investment, and it is my job to do my best to protect you from major defects. My goal is to be prepared when I arrive at the home and to be proud to represent you. I will record all my findings for you, help you understand the implications of the findings, and direct you as necessary to a corrective resolution. My report is computer generated with digital pictures, and arrows pointing to any problems. The report is clear and easy to understand. I will make every effort to discover and report any defects or areas of concern to you. After you review your report, you will feel confident that I was thorough and had your best interest in mind. For personalized service, please call 1st Choice Inspection to schedule an appointment.


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· Apex,NC
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· Raleigh,NC
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· Morrisville,NC
· Durham,NC
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· Garner,NC
· Triangle


· Member National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
· Member North Carolina Licensed Home Inspectors Association
· Associate Member Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors
· Member American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists
· Certified by National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program

Community Involvement:

· Knights of Columbus




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Why should a person have a home inspection?

Just ask all the Clients who purchased their new home and sell it a few years later.  Now they are the ones holding all the repairs items they never new about.  Wow. 

By John McKenna


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