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Reimagining SBA Loans: A Path to Success...

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Reimagining SBA Loans: A Path to Success

SBA loans often receive a bad rap among borrowers, primarily because many individuals turn to their local banks, which typically handle only a couple of SBA loans throughout the year. Consequently, the experience can be less than ideal. On the other hand, I personally facilitate the closing of 3-4 SBA loans each month, predominantly through non-bank SBA lenders. Currently, I have 21 SBA loans in my pipeline, with 20 of them already approved. The one awaiting approval hasn't been submitted yet, as I am waiting for a resume to strengthen the application. Rest assured, it's highly likely to receive approval, maintaining a perfect track record. I take pride in making the SBA loan process smoother and more manageable for my clients. In today's climate, with local banks becoming stricter in their lending criteria, I encourage you to consider giving me a chance before giving up on your dream.

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P.S. We have a substantial amount of private capital at our disposal, and there's a surplus of funds waiting to be deployed. We are even open to providing bridge loans at 90% financing if I can thoroughly assess and have confidence in the SBA loan that will eventually replace it. Don't allow those promising deals to wither away—consider giving us a chance!