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As a vacant land listing agent, a vacant land buyer’s agent and sometimes in both roles (dual consent here in AZ), sometimes demands a lot of work regardless of the listing price of the property.  Here is where sellers and buyers can as they say “separate the wheat from the chafe” or the good from the not so good. Let me share a recent story that happened in the last 48 hours.

Previously, the buyer notified me as his real estate buyer's agent that he wanted a sooner close of escrow as the buyer would be in the area.  Septic inspection was already ordered and should have gone well.  Key word should.

Unfortunately, the septic inspection took 3 days because the septic holding tank was dry. Water had to be pumped in the second day and the third day (24 hours later) the septic inspector had to return and confirm all was good.

The day before close of Escrow all parties learned the septic inspection failed. 

Negotiations happened with the end result being the buyer asked for a price reduction and the seller accepted. This negotiation involved numerous back and forth phone calls with all parties involved in this real estate transaction.

Close of escrow was in 24 hours. The buyer signed the addendum on the day of notification of the septic failure, but the seller only had a land phone as there is no cell service in this area and the seller’s computer was nonfunctional. Additionally the seller had some recent health issues which prevented the seller from driving.

Title needed the signed addendum the next day to officially close escrow.  What I did as the listing agent and the buyer’s agent (this was dual consent transaction) was:

  • Leave at 7:00am in the morning on the day of close of escrow
  • Drive 89 miles to the seller’s home (approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes away)
  • Meet the buyer at the property to sign two other broker documents the broker requires to close the transaction on the way to the seller’s home
  • Have the seller wet sign the addendum changing the contracted sale price
  • Drive back to the Title’s nearest office (Lake Havasu, AZ) which was 29 miles back the way I came
  • Request the Title office to scan and email the signed addendum to the Kingman title office
  • Call the Kingman Title office to confirm with the Escrow Officer the addendum had been received

Then I drove back home the approximately 60 miles from Lake Havasu, AZ. By 12:00pm I was back home and decided a deserved a good lunch.

The reason for this story is two-fold.

#1 - As a REALTOR® I live by my pledge “to protect and to promote” my client(s). Knowing my seller’s situation and knowing my buyer’s situation, I did what I needed to do to get it done to the satisfaction of all parties. And yes, the property closed on time and was even recorded that same afternoon.

Years ago, I read this quote by Albert Einstein:

The value of a man (woman) should be seen in what he (she) gives and not what he (she) is able to receive.

This quote has stayed with me because life isn’t about the money or what’s in it for me. Life and especially within the real estate industry is about doing what is right even if some of those “right” actions are inconvenient.  

In the preamble of the Code of Ethics, are these words “under all is the land.” I believe in those words. 

#2 - My goal as a licensed local professional real estate agent is to always honor my clients; provide the best counsel I can; and at the end of the day be able to look in the mirror with peace and knowing that sometimes life provides numerous inconveniences. How we deal with those inconveniences is a test of our mettle and our commitment to our clients, the general public and even to ourselves.

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Thanks for sharing, make it a great Saturday and enjoy your


Bill Salvatore, Realtor- Arizona Elite Properties

May 18, 2024 11:07 AM
Leanne Smith

My pleasure and you as well. Thank you for stopping by.

May 18, 2024 11:31 AM
Richard Weeks
Dallas, TX
REALTOR®, Broker
Congratulations on your pending sale.  Nice property and nice job with your presentation.
May 19, 2024 03:43 AM
Leanne Smith

Thank you and the property is no longer pending but sold.  Now 3 more lots to sell for this particular seller.

May 19, 2024 07:09 AM
Kat Palmiotti
eXp Commercial, Referral Divison - Kalispell, MT
Helping your Montana dreams take root

I am not at all surprised to read you spent five hours on the day of closing doing what needed to be done to get that sale successfully closed. I am sure that both seller and buyer appreciated your efforts.

May 19, 2024 06:15 AM
Leanne Smith

I believe both did and I know for sure the seller did. The seller is beyond sweet and not demanding at all.

May 19, 2024 07:10 AM
Brian England
Ambrose Realty Management LLC - Gilbert, AZ
MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ

You are such a hard-working agent, congrats on the sale!  You always make sure your client's best interests are represented.

May 19, 2024 06:21 AM
Leanne Smith

So appreciate that accolade Brian England and I know you as well do what needs to be done for your clients as well. Good morning.

May 19, 2024 07:10 AM