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Making Collisions

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The owner of our real estate firm, Judson Adamson, loves to tell agents that they need to create "Collisions". These are in person contacts. He goes on to say that these in person contacts are the very best way to generate new business. I have to say I could not agree more.

I have seen agents struggling to find business so they go on social media and proclaim their merits as an agent. I have watched agents cold call for hours on end. But the agents that seem top do the best are those that engage with others, face to face. These collisions create opportunities to bond with others.

I ytake this one step farther. I make sure that with my clients are try to meet face to face when ever I can. For instance, I can have a seller sign a listing agreement on line, or I can sit with them and answer any questions that come up. Same thing with writing an offer or presenting one. When done face to face, the client is usually much more comfortable asking questions.

So, make sure to create collisions, just not the kind pictured above!

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I agree Peter, I am a face to face, belly to belly person!!!

When done face to face, the client is usually much more comfortable asking questions.


Most of us are so much better in person, I agree  with your broker!   


Hello Peter - when contacts become connections that's the best sort of collision in my opinion.   There can be something special in effect when that happens.  


great information. Thanks for sharing it.

Have a super fantastic week!

Bill Salvatore, Realtor- Arizona Elite Properties


I agree, Peter!  Texting and email are convenient and often necessary but those collisions are os much better.


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Face-to-face is where I have always had the most success as well.  Getting out and meeting people will surely grow a business fast.


Good morning Peter,

What a great post! I'm so glad that Kathy Streib featured it in her Sunday series as I missed it. I've always believed face to face with clients is the way to go, the client is usually much more comfortable asking questions and you end up building a relationship, the best kind of business.


In-person relationships really are the best way to get business!


I agree. Even if a customer seems okay with virtual communications or prefers them, I think less face-to-face interaction makes it easier to commodify what real estate professionals do.  The human connection and relationships will always be important.  Thanks Kathy Streib for featuring this post.


In our hectic world and with so much technology available, personal "collisions" are of more value than ever.