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Don't Go Back to Snarkville

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The title of this post was inspired by one of my favorite songs by my favorite band, REM.  The song was "Don't Go Back to Rockville".  I just realized that this song is 40 years old.  Wow. But that is not the point here...

This post is a suggestion for dealing with, and feeling compelled to be snarky here in the 'Rain, and everyday life.

1.  If you are compelled to leave an arrogant, snarky comment on someone's post, MAKE SURE to read the entire article.  100%.  No less.  Some snarky / arrogant comments I have seen CLEARLY demonstrated they missed the point, or important content.  Then you are simply snarky and ignorant.  Bad combo.

2.  Ignore the snark.  Not easy for me, ever.  I have had a history of "playing down to my competition".  I am not proud of it, but I admit this flaw.  Hopefully one day, I will not feel the need to defend myself or comments.  

After nearly 40 years in this great industry, I have been battle tested more times than I care to recall.  Together, we can defeat snark!


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Good morning Michael,

There are always those who are snarky and have an attitude they "Know it all!" It use to ruffle my feathers but I soon learned to put my big girl panties on and ignore them! It never makes sense to engage with them because you are giving them what they need most.."The chance to be right!" I just move on and ignore, not giving them the time of day as they are totally insignificant!

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Michael, in our business, it does not bode well to be snarky.    Here in the Rain, like Dorie says, just ignore it, don't feed them!

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Hi Michael,
Snarky or not, I see many comments that make it clear the commenter did NOT read the entire article.

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Hahahaha...defeat snark...I like it. The process of buying and selling a home (including working with other agents) SHOULD be fun! Crazy when you are dealing with a nasty human.


Hi Michael... snarky is not my style. If I come across here in the Rain with a comment on one of my posts, I simply delete that comment.

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great information. Thanks for sharing it.

Have a super fantastic week!

Bill Salvatore, Realtor- Arizona Elite Properties


This is good advice to share. Let's continue to spread love and kindness every day.

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In many instances of online comments, the snark is dripping from the pen. And the reader usually misses the entire point. I try to refrain from commenting in a negative way, but certain people do push our buttons. :) And others are always watching what we do. So, when all else fails, either don't take the bait and scroll on, or just ignore it.

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Hello Michael and yes after all these years in this business we all learn so much, good and bad.



Snarky is a way of life for some people and then they wonder why the phone doesn't ring with referrals or why they aren't invited to fun events. Quite often they are the common denominator and not in a good way, Michael!

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These technical words are beyond my pay grade....I generally ignore anything I don't like.


Hi Michael- the snarky part of me exists deep down and only rarely do I let it out. Is it snark if it's the truth?  I would rather think nice or kind things of others so it is only on rare occasions that I unleash it. 


I am seldom very eloquent but try to not offend with any of my comments.


Loved your post Michael Elliott  I have deleted and unfriended many a snarky people on this platform, now with that said I loved your  post, my circle has shrunk in the past 12+ years and I am OK with it:)Endre


Hmm, I think I tend to get a bit snarky when I see someone doing something wrong, or if I am joking around with someone, but rarely do I do it to be intentionally mean.

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Even snarky comments ger AR point. I think that is why a quick, snarky comment often finds its way onto a post even though it is disconnected with the theme of the actual post.


Michael Elliott - May it comfort you to know, I've been "battle tested" more times than I can count. You're not alone.

Your blog posts are precious and refreshing. I like them very much.