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I had mention briefly that I had the name of the NFT gallery and put it to good use for the project Neuromorphic Computing NFTs that I created. 

I blended into the end of the post just a little info on the NFT since the title of the post as Future of Real Estate Marketing figured I would stick to majority of the post on the topic and showed some of the real estate galleries I have put together over the last couple years if you are interested to take a look here is a link to my previous post with the Youtube videos of the real estate galleries.

Unveiling the Future of Real Estate Marketing: Explore (activerain.com)

If you are interested in advance tech I suggest you take a look at this field of Neuromorphic Computing. It is explained as 

"Neuromorphic computing is a subfield of artificial intelligence that focuses on designing computer systems with hardware and software that mimic the structure and function of the human brain. This approach differs significantly from traditional computing paradigms because it seeks to replicate the biological architecture of neurons and synapses, which could potentially lead to more efficient and powerful computing systems." - ChatGPT answer provided above why I am so interested is the impact on energy savings and that it will have less impact on our environment if you have followed me for years you know I have always followed environmental causes and kept up with whats happening in my area and other areas.

I wrote about NeuroMorphic Computing below on Medium that I have created the Neuromorphic NFTS collection I broke it down into learning pieces with each NFT of the overall system components so if your interested to learn about future tech this could be of interest.

Bio-inspired Design: Neuromorphic systems are inspired by the biological neural networks found in the brain. This involves creating artificial neurons and synapses that can process and transmit information in ways similar to biological systems.

Parallel Processing: Like the brain, neuromorphic chips process information in a parallel manner, which can lead to significant improvements in processing speed and efficiency compared to traditional, sequentially processing CPUs.

Energy Efficiency: Neuromorphic computing aims to drastically reduce the amount of power needed for processing complex computations, mimicking the high efficiency of the human brain.

Learning and Adaptability: These systems are designed to learn from their environment and adapt, similar to how biological neural networks adjust connections between neurons based on new information (neuroplasticity). This feature makes them suitable for applications involving pattern recognition, sensory data interpretation, and decision-making in dynamic environments.

 Applications: Neuromorphic computing holds potential across a variety of fields, including robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing, where making quick decisions based on vast amounts of data is crucial. They are also seen as promising for developing artificial intelligence that can operate under more human-like constraints and capabilities.

Unlock the Future: Discover Unique NFTs from the Neuromorphic Computing Collection | by CavsTheBlockFan2016 | May, 2024 | Medium\

I am not making claims of any appreciation of value or investment advice with this post just sharing information on what I am up to in my spare time. 

This will be a niche collector interested likely in the tech sector and or those involved with development. 

Here is a link to the collection

Neuromorphic Computing - Collection | OpenSea

I included a couple that are just in theory at this point just in development in the collection too.


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