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I am a Homesteading Realtor in South Central Texas

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I'm a south central Texas Realtor with a passion for sustainable living and homesteading. I live on a small homestead property in Fayette County Texas where I am developing my own food forest, have a large producing garden, and I raise chickens. My husband has built alternative-style homes, and I've helped numerous clients achieve their homesteading and alternative home real estate goals buying and selling.

In today's world, homesteading is the practice of living on land with the goal of being self-sustaining. It involves participating in subsistence agriculture and small animal husbandry to achieve independence from the grid.

Texas is a vast state with diverse landscapes. While it may seem easy to find land, it's not always simple due to various factors such as historical land use, urban sprawl, and property size.

Types of Homestead Properties in Texas

  • Large ranches near cities are often subdivided into residential subdivisions.
  • Family members may split off smaller properties from large ranch tracts.
  • Ranchette size properties of 10-20 acres are common in between larger cities.
  • Homesteading lifestyle in cities

Considerations for Buyers

  • Identifying the end use for the property and any restrictions.
  • Understanding gardening preferences, including garden size and style (e.g., vertical, hydroponic, permaculture).
  • Assessing livestock needs and space requirements for animals like poultry, goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, rabbits, bees, and fish.

Water is crucial for any homestead property. Options include tapping into existing water lines, private wells, water catchment systems, drilling new wells, and creating stock ponds.

Buyers should determine proximity to essential amenities like towns, hospitals, schools, and employment. Also, consider housing preferences such as yurts, tiny homes, earth-berm homes, straw bale, and more.

As a homesteader myself, I understand the unique needs and challenges of sustainable living in the areas I work in here in south central Texas and I have in-depth knowledge of factors like land use, zoning regulations, and community resources

And there are things to try to avoid when purchasing a homesteading property here in Texas such as FEMA flood status of the property, ingress and egress to the property - avoid easement access it can be troublesome, try to keep your distance from 5G towers, large electric grid powerlines, power plants, and active oil and gas rigs.

If you're considering purchasing land for your future homestead or selling your current homestead property in Central Texas, I'm here to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for personalized assistance and guidance. And if you are currently living a homesteading lifestyle I would love to connect with you and share how exciting and fulfilling a homesteading lifestyle is.


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Thanks Bill!  I grew up in the Valley of the Sun!  My father developed the Lakes in Tempe and before I became a Realtor I managed a temporary services office - Career Path in Chandler!  Small world! 

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