Wanting Vacant Land in Mohave County What You Need to Know Part 9

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Imagine during the day driving down the road and coming across one to several 800 to 1,000 pound cattle crossing the road or just grazing along the road’s shoulder.  You don’t see any fences and wonder if these cattle escaped from a local ranch?

Welcome to the Wild West with its Open Range and to Arizona with nine separate statutes on Open Range within the AZ Revised Statutes (ARS Title 3, Chapter 11, Article 8. One of these statutes defines a Lawful Fence (ARS, 3-1426).

Driving at night can be even more dangerous because there are no street lights, no lights from the cities also known as “sky glow,” and most of the cattle are black or dark brown. This is why speed limits are reduced and drivers are encouraged to drive with "high beams" or "bright lights."

Often, newcomers to Mohave County, Golden Valley, AZ and other unincorporated towns cross the metal grates in the road. These grates are called cattle guards. Cattle don’t like crossing these grates and these cattle guards help to keep open range cattle off major roadways and highways.

Additionally, open range cattle per numerous websites are healthier than feed lot cattle due to the type of vegetation the cattle eat. The result is open range cattle have less total fat, less saturated fat, less cholesterol and less calories. This is why open range cattle look skinny compare to feedlot cattle. Not being confined in a feedlot, open range cattle avoid the potential for transmission of more diseases.

Personally, I enjoy seeing the open range cattle, wild burros and the occasional wild horses. Both my husband and I have learned to slow down and keep an eye out for these roaming and slow moving wild animals. During calving season, the newborn calves are far quicker than their parents and extra care is required when driving. Then there are those fall and spring nights where cattle will sleep on the roads as the evening air is colder and the road are a little warmer.

Working with a local professional real estate agent or REALTOR® who knows the ins and out of living in the high desert of NW AZ  provides additional insight for potential real estate property buyers wanting vacant land in Mohave County.

NOTE: This is the ninth part of a 10 part series for real estate property buyers wanting vacant land in Golden Valley, AZ and/or other unincorporated areas in Mohave County.

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Feature Photo Courtesy of Leanne Smith depicting one of the many encounters with open range cattle.

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I don't think I would want to live in an area where I had to worry about running into livestock, haha.

Jun 08, 2024 06:29 AM
Leanne Smith

Well from my experience, at least I know they exist and not like hitting a deer that comes out from nowhere.  Rather deal with cattle than deer.

Jun 08, 2024 07:32 AM