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Ask An Ambassador: Taking Your Blog To Critical Mass

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If you watched the movie Oppenheimer, the term critical mass won't be a stranger to you.

critical mass:  the minimum amount of fissible material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction

Oversimplification of the process:

1. Develop a design

2.  Manufacture adequate material of the RIGHT type

3.  Construct the design

4.  Set off the chain reaction

Now you might think there's no comparison between building Little Boy & Fat Man and blogging for business, but both projects share some common elements.

You don't have to read about the Manhattan Project to recognize the same formula that built atomic bombs can be put to work in your blog.

Develop a design:  Identify the type of work you enjoy doing (commercial, residential) and refine it further AND ensure there's a demand for what you enjoy doing.  E.g. cyclical business focused work is vulnerable to market shifts.  If there's adequate demand, is there amble opportunity or will you be going head to head with lots of other agents working the same sector? 

The RIGHT material:  Is the target market sufficiently broad that you can write enough posts to thoroughly cover the segment AND sufficient enough to have Google find you AND index enough of your posts for people to find you?  FYI, rumor has it that Google may choose to NOT index material that is written by AI (Artificial Intelligence), so if you're a big fan of AI helping you blog, you might be disappointed in the final results.  If a blog post is written and not indexed and can't be found, was the post productive?

Construct the design:  Choose where you'll blog.  ActiveRain?  Wordpress?  Other?  Obtain a good URL if you have your own site.  Post material that supports your target audience.  Blog sufficiently to establish a critical mass of posts.  You can write the best posts in the world, but the reality is one or two posts isn't going to be enough to impress the bots.  The more pertinent information out there, the better your chance of being found.

Set off the chain reaction:  Keep producing the posts that matter.  ORIGINAL CONTENT MATTERS.  Understand the visual presentation of your posts.  Your style/attitude matters too.  Do these things sufficiently and Google will start to identify you as someone worth showing to the public.  Keep adding material, keep getting found.  Add enough material of the right kind and your posts multiply their impact. 

Follow the steps and your blog becomes self-sustaining based on your evergreen content IF you made the right choices at the beginning and persistently blogged until you reached critical mass.

Until next Tuesday, just Ask An Ambassador if you need help,

Bill & Liz aka BLiz

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Michael Elliott
Fathom Realty - Burlington Township, NJ
Burlington, New Jersey Residential Sales

Thank you for the tips, my blogging is a constant work in progress.

Jun 11, 2024 05:18 AM
Liz and Bill Spear

The more posts that are directed to consumer, the better the odds of getting a response.  While agent to agent referrals are always nice to get, my math points me to the more likely source of business to be gained from blogging.

Jun 11, 2024 05:23 AM
Brenda J. Andrew
Professional Realtor in Conroe/Willis, TX

Good morning Bill and Liz.  This is coming at a perfect time for me.  I have been back and forth on where to blog, in the rain, on my website, on HAR, etc.  I need to just come back to the Rain because that is where I started. These are great tips and I know consistency is the key.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge!  Have a great day!

Jun 11, 2024 05:27 AM
Liz and Bill Spear

I don't post with the frequency that I used to, but I created quite a few IDX pages on our Wordpress site using the content from our blog posts.  Those evergreen posts take away the necessity for me to create as often (or at all) since the IDX updates keep the content in front of Google.

Jun 11, 2024 05:31 AM
Kathy Streib

Glad you're back Brenda J. Andrew Bill offers excellent information!  He should know because he has followed this!  

Jun 11, 2024 05:33 PM
Dorie Dillard Austin TX
Coldwell Banker Realty ~ 512.750.6899 - Austin, TX
NW Austin ~ Canyon Creek and Spicewood/Balcones

Good morning Bill,

As usual you have found an excellent analogy that is a visual and show us exactly a road map to follow to be effective in marketing to the audience we are striving to reach!

Jun 11, 2024 05:28 AM
Liz and Bill Spear

The ideas are easy, the execution can be a bit more challenging since we're all wearing about 100 different hats in our business :)

Jun 11, 2024 05:32 AM
Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393

Hello Bill (and Liz too) - I was aware (but not well enough to attempt to explain it) of critical mass before seeing Oppenheimer. While it was a long film, there was much to cover, and it did it well.  

And the correlation between the movie and a blogging strategy for me means brevity need not be an enemy.  I like how you pulled together the theme in a succinct manner.  No additional editing required.  Another award-winning post.  Collect your prize on the way out.  Happy Tuesday.  

Jun 11, 2024 05:34 AM
Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

Thank you very much for sharing your experience and advice.

Have a productive month.

Jun 11, 2024 05:51 AM
Liz and Bill Spear

Thanks!  A nice listing under contract, inspections today :)

Jun 11, 2024 06:13 AM
Leanne Smith
Dirt Road Real Estate - Golden Valley, AZ
The Grit and Gratitude Agent

Love the visual and the concept of critical mass, the attitude of consistency and the focus of key area.  I love selling dirt and that has been my continued focus.

Jun 11, 2024 06:03 AM
Liz and Bill Spear

It's fundamentals, but the fundamentals work.  I can see raw land as a nice niche.  It's not a fit for every agent so it clears room for you to be more readily found by those who need your expertise.

Jun 11, 2024 06:14 AM
Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
I never really thought of it that way, but it makes sense overall. Strategies come and go, but this makes sense.
Jun 11, 2024 10:10 PM
Liz and Bill Spear

I tend to stick to the fundamentals.  They don't go out of style.

Jun 12, 2024 09:27 AM
Kat Palmiotti
eXp Commercial, Referral Divison - Kalispell, MT
Helping your Montana dreams take root

Good morning! Picking the right niche based on what you enjoy doing, the demand in that niche, size of market, etc. are all key in building a business that will be enjoyable and profitable. Another appropriate analogy!

Jun 12, 2024 04:59 AM
Liz and Bill Spear

You definitely need to align, and understand what can happen with market shifts.  As an example short sales and REOs are probably in short supply for now.

Jun 12, 2024 09:28 AM
Patricia Feager, ABR,CRS,GRI,MRP
Selling Homes Changing Lives

Liz and Bill Spear - I really enjoyed reading the book and seeing the movie. There was so much to learn from both! I think your analogy is perfect! 

Setting off a "Chain Reaction," makes perfect sense! I think that's what makes you, their Agent more valuable, trustworthy, and unforgettable. 

Jun 14, 2024 07:58 PM
Liz and Bill Spear

One of my favorite phrases from potential clients "you were EVERYWHERE!" when they searched for patio home information :)

Jun 15, 2024 07:56 PM