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During election seasons, the housing market can experience increased uncertainty and reduced activity due to factors like policy changes and economic uncertainty. Buyers and sellers may adopt a wait-and-see approach, leading to fewer transactions and potentially impacting prices. 


However, the extent of the impact can vary depending on the specific election circumstances and overall economic conditions. Linda Peltz Realtor Fresno CA and Michelle Johnson from Hero Loan Team joined forces to discuss the housing market during an election year. 


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Buy a Home Before or After Election?

Michelle addressed a common concern: many buyers think they should wait to buy a home until after the election, fearing market instability. 


Michelle and Linda Peltz realtor Fresno CA presented historical data showing that home sales have risen after nine out of the last eleven presidential elections, and home prices have increased after seven of the last eight elections. The only exception was in 2009 due to the economic crisis, not the election.


Michelle emphasized that trying to time the market is futile. Interest rates, often thought to change drastically with a new president, are actually more influenced by inflation. Rates won't drop significantly until inflation is under control, and even then, the changes won't be immediate. 


Therefore, Michelle advises against waiting for lower rates or better conditions post-election. Instead, she suggests buying now and refinancing later if rates decrease.


Housing Market During Election Seasons


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The Overview of Housing Supply Demand

The conversation also covered the supply and demand dynamics exacerbated by COVID-19. The pandemic disrupted construction and supply chains, leading to a shortage of new homes and driving up prices. 


Michelle and Linda Peltz realtor Fresno CA highlighted the importance of entering the market as soon as possible, even if it means starting with a smaller home. This approach allows buyers to build equity, which can be leveraged for future purchases.


Michelle reassured potential buyers about financial readiness, noting that various loan programs can help with down payments and closing cost. She encouraged early consultation with a loan company like Hero Loan Team to understand one's financial situation and plan accordingly. The process of buying a home is complex, and staying informed and in touch with professionals can make a significant difference.

Make Housing Move With Hero Loan Team

The Hero Loan Team program stands out as an exceptional resource for prospective homebuyers, particularly during uncertain election years. With a dedicated team of experts, Hero Loan Team provides tailored guidance and specialized loan programs designed to meet diverse financial needs. 


Hero Loan Team comprehensive services include assistance with down payments, closing costs, and navigating various financial scenarios. By leveraging their extensive research and historical market insights, For those concerned about the complexities and timing of buying a home, Hero Loan Team offers a reliable, knowledgeable partner dedicated to making the process smooth and successful.

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We will see interest rates drop around September first, Coincidence? With the November elections. Great information. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!

Bill Salvatore, Realtor- Arizona Elite Properties

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Thank you, Have a great weekend.

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Hello Linda Peltz Realtor - eXp Realty thank you for sharing very valuable housing market report during election.

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