Moving...the movie.

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Today, I take a break from the serious subject of moving and make a recommendation to anyone that is in the process of moving, considering moving, has ever moved, will ever move or knows someone who has or will.

Maybe it's just me, but this movie is HILARIOUS!  Two big thumbs up!!!

In 1988, Richard Pryor starred in the movie "Moving", about a guy who gets a promotion and has to move his family to Idaho.  This one may be hard to find in the local video store, but I promise you, you will roll on the floor, laughing!  Also, note Dana Carvey is in this film...I think he must have been 15 at the time, LOL. 

Best single scene.  When the packer shows up...he is just this side of the grave.  Pay close attention to the window behind him as he packs the box.

Enjoy some summertime fun...find the movie Moving.

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