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Why Nashville Homes Don't Sell

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There are numerous reasons a house doesn't sale. Most issues all fall into subcategories under the three main categories of (1) Location (2) Condition (3) Price.

(1) You can't change your location unless it is a mobile home.
(2) You can improve the condition. You report that it is immaculate (or clean); however, if it is missing updated details, finishings, colors, curb appeal, etc. the "competition" of other home in your area may be hurting you.
(3) When condition is as great as possible, the location is set and it's still not selling, price is all you have left. You must weigh the options of dropping price vs. staying in your home. That's ultimate your choice. Do you want to truly sell it to a ready, willing and able buyer or do you want to continue to live there? If you really need/want to sell, unfortunately, all you have left is price. So many times, we all get caught up in thinking about the comparative homes that have sold near our home last year, last week or three years ago. You must look at the price, location and condition of every home within a certain radius of your home.

Have your REALTOR take you to the ten competing homes near you. Keep in mind, that doesn't mean if you are a four bed/three bath home, you only see 4/3s. See everyone home within a $50 range of yours so you can understand the market better. Also, search out the last five homes that reached successful close and see what they had that you may be missing.

The market is not easy, and you're not alone. Remember (and this is not my quote, but a borrowed one)....in today's housing market, you are in a beauty pageant and a pricing war. You gotta win both! Good luck!