Days of Doom and Gloom?

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I was just sitting here wondering what to blog about and so many things come to mind that is unreal. So I decided to go with something that I have heard a lot from other realtors lately is the days of doom and gloom are upon us. It seems like there is always one person I run into atleast once a week who is in real estate and tells me that their business is down from last year. They start in by telling me that have been watching the statistics on the MLS weekly and things are not getting any better. Then it is like they have some sort of crystal ball and are projecting things to only get worse. With that kind of attitude no wonder they feel the way they do! I honestly believe that attitude is the key to successs in this business and if your attitude is negative than your business will start having negative results. As for myself my year is off to a great start. I have changed up my marketing plan from last year and have kept a real positive attitude towards the changes going on in the real estate market today! I do not care what business you are in, the simple fact is whether it be business or life it is one big circle. Take a pen, pencil, or crayon and a piece of paper and draw a circle on it. At the top of the circle write happy and on the bottom write sad. You have now figuared out the question and meaning of life! You might be saying to yourself "What is this guy smoking or drinking". It does not matter what direction you go on that circle as long as you get going! Life is full of surprises and we have good times and bad times, but it is how we choose to deal with those times that makes the difference. I do not know about you but I choose not to hang around those that have a negative attitude in life. Negative = Negative and if I am in a good mood I do not need someone else to ruin that for me just because they are in a bad mood. If my attitude is negative I will come across to other people with the same attitude. How many people want to do business with this kind of person? And Negative Ned or Nancy realtor wonder why their business is down from last year! Hello people if what you read bums you out quit reading it. Be thankful that you are upright and walking today and start kicking and screaming that you have the best job in the world!!! First thing tomorrow morning put on those big boy/girl pants and deal with whatever life throws your way. Just don't stand there go down swinging. The only one who can make the ball go over the fence is "YOU". Remember that we were all put on this beautful place to make a difference! And the difference you make can change the world and yourselves. Attitude = Happiness don't be dumb get you some!!!!!!



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Lou Ludwig
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We become what we think.

If we believe that its doom and glooms we're right

I believe that there are unparallel opportunities for real estate professional today. The market condition doesn't matter what matters is our metal condition.

Positive thinking + positive attitude + positive actively = positive results 

Good luck 


Jul 09, 2008 09:58 AM