Is The Third Suit A Charm?

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No suits man.gif It was only a matter of time, I think, until we saw this one added to the mix.  According to the Roanoke Times, this is the third suit filed so far regarding Blacksburg's First & Main Development.

On Wednesday, attorneys for Fairmount Properties filed an appeal to last month's Blacksburg Town Council's vote against the installation of a Sonic Drive-In restaurant at the new First & Main development on South Main Street. 

Some quotes from the article:

"The council has in the recent past approved similar special-use permits for other restaurants, including a Wendy's across the street from the site of the proposed Sonic."

"On Aug. 5, the town's planning commission is scheduled to hear public comments on another special-use permit for phase one, this one for an Arby's restaurant at 1450 S. Main St."

"This ... is political retribution for Fairmount's successful challenge of the Town Council's previous improper actions towards the First & Main project."

That's right - this is all about control

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Comments (2)

Kathy Wayne

I love this community. I love it. The fact that I can jump on my bike and be in rolling countryside within 10 minutes of

my home. That I can sit on my porch and see the ever-changing sky above the mountains. The people I meet when I 

walk my dog downtown. The cultural events I attend at VT and the energy the students bring when they are in town.

The one thing I abhor is that I have to drive to Christiansburg, Roanoke and even Charlottesville to access the amenities

I have been used to living in other communities. That's why the new shopping district being built - First and Main, is hopefully

just the first step at bringing more and more versatile retail, dining and entertainment to our town. The people who argue

against it, don't seem to have a solid case and the approach has been nothing sort of dirty on their doing. I have never lived

anywhere that has demonstrated such disregard for each other, and dirty tactics, rumors, fear and distrust. I've attended several

town council meetings and the council's behavior is sophomoric at best when what we need is strong leadership that is going to

ensure we grow in the right areas to support our tax base. The burden is on the homeowner, and it should be generated through

organized development that is easily accessible in our town. I can't wait for it to open and I hope more is to come.

Sep 26, 2008 08:09 AM
Jeremy Hart
Coldwell Banker Townside - Blacksburg, VA

Kathy, thanks for stopping by.  You've named many of the things I love about the Blacksburg community, as well.  The energy that envelopes this community is just amazing, and the opportunities available are unlike what you'd expect from a small town.

My wife had an opportunity last week to view a presentation being down at Virginia Tech regarding the use of emerging technologies in music therapy.  She made the comment afterwards, "I wouldn't have been able to do that if I lived in DC, just take some time off work and see something as amazing as that."  Sure, she could have taken off work and seen a similar presentation in a place like DC, but how convenient would that have been, to navigate that traffic?  And would it be encouraged by her employer?  Probably not.

One of the issues with elected officials at this level, in my opinion, is that they're ill-prepared professionally to make some of the decisions they're being asked to decide on.  Think about the makeup of the current Town Council - insurance agents, non-profit presidents, literary professors and retired art professors ... all well-respected in their individual fields, but not easily transferrable to issues of development and infrastructure, for instance. 

It's got to be a difficult position to be in, because of the wide range of issues you're presented with and what is probably feast or famine in terms of whether you're getting feedback from your citizens.  I just think they've gotten this one wrong.

Sep 26, 2008 08:42 AM