How To Make Your Phone Rng

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I have found ways to make my phone ring although it is not fool-proof it works for me.

 Number One.

  Plan a day with the in-laws

This works well at times but don't rely on complete satisfaction. I was planning to go to my wife's family reunion in West Virgina this week-end witch is a 10 hour drive. Got A call from a client yesterday that had to have an inspection on Monday, no other day would do, had to conceal the reunion and send the wife without me. darn...

 Get Haircut

 I had only one call this morning and thought it was going to be a slow day, went to lunch, went to the barber shop and got three calls while sitting in the barber chair. No other calls all day.

Plan A Fishing Trip

This works with-out fail the best way to get an inspection on a given day is plan to go fishing on that day. I have been planning to go to the lake with a couple of Friends and do some bass fishing, we were going to leave early and spend the day on the lake. Butt No... had two clients had to have an inspection, and one canceled at the last minute because the utilities was not on...

Got to love it

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Shawn Martin
Crosby Inspections - Vancouver, WA

Never fails whenever I go on vacation that when is seems my phone rings the most

Jul 10, 2008 11:45 AM