The "I Staged It!" Before/After Photo Contest

Education & Training with International School of Staging


Submit your "before and after" photos for a chance to win one of four prizes worth $500 each or a grand prize worth $900.


Post your "before / after photos" on your ActiveRain blog in any or all of the following four categories (post as many as you want!):

  1. Vacant new homes.

  2. Vacant resale homes.

  3. Repositioned/removed furniture. That is, you staged a room by working with what you were given. You did this by repositioning or removing existing furniture.

  4. Furniture Added. That is, you staged a home by adding furniture to complete a look. The furniture was added from furniture rental stores, your inventory or from purchased stock.


ActiveRain Members:

Step 1. Create an ActiveRain blog post with your photos embedded. (See how to embed photos here.)

Step 2. Tag the blog post with the words: "I Staged It Photo Contest". (See how to tag a blog post here.)
(Hint: Copy the words exactly as shown above and then paste that into the "tag" field.)

Step 3. In your blog post, state for which of the 4 categories you are submitting each before/after set.
    Category 1: Vacant new homes.
    Category 2: Vacant resale homes.
    Category 3: Repositioned/removed furniture.
    Category 4: Furniture added.

Step 4. Post your blog.

Non-ActiveRain Members:

Step 1. Create a free ActiveRain profile.

Step 2. Follow the steps above for ActiveRain members.


One winner will be selected for each category. The winner in each category will receive a $200 Visa gift card plus one free registration to RealtyU’s fully transferrable online Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP) course. ($500 total value.) Keep the cash and choose to take the course for yourself or gift it to an agent-client.

Grand prize. In lieu of a category prize, one overall winner will be selected to receive the following ($900 total value):

Again, you may choose to keep the cash and either take the courses yourself or gift them to agent-clients.


Creative use of:

  • staging principles,

  • furniture placement,

  • space,

  • colors,

  • vignettes.


  • Contest entries begin immediately and must be submitted before midnight on Saturday, July 26, 2008 (Pacific).

  • Winners will be announced on or before Friday, August 1, 2008 via ActiveRain’s Stage It Forward group and on the RealBlogging real estate blog. Winners will also be notified via e-mail.

  • Winners qualify for one prize only and will receive the higher valued prize if qualified for a category prize and the grand prize.

  • Submitted photos should have dimensions of at least 640 x 480 and must include non-watermarked “Before” and “After” photos.

  • Contestants agree photos may be used by Andy Capelluto - The Power of Staging, RealtyU and its affiliated companies for education and marketing purposes. (Note: Any photos used will give attribution to the contestant. So, make sure you include your contact information.)

  • Contestants agree they have authorization to submit the photos, per ActiveRain terms of service.

  • Unlimited entries per person. Stack your chances of winning – submit as many before/after entry sets as you want!

Good luck!

Comments (17)

No Longer Active in Staging. No Longer Staging
Hickory, NC

Andy, I have to come back and read all the details when I have a few more minutes... It sounds exciting!! God bless,

Jul 16, 2008 07:55 AM
Mel Aclaro
RealtyU - Anaheim Hills, CA

Great idea, Andy.  'Hope you get lots of entries!  :-)

Jul 16, 2008 11:10 AM
Connie Tebyani
Platinum Home Staging, Inc. : RESA-Pro - Calabasas, CA
Platinum Home Staging, Los Angeles and Ventura County

Only 1 suggestion I would include in the rules is that the photos should be taken from the same point of view or angle in the room.

Do "upgrades" count as part of the criteria? =)

Jul 16, 2008 05:27 PM
Andy Capelluto
International School of Staging - Seattle, WA

Thanks for your blessings, good wishes and excellent advice.  We look forward to seeing your entries in this exciting competition.  Good Luck to everyone!

Jul 17, 2008 03:32 AM
ARDELL DellaLoggia
Better Properties Seattle - Kirkland, WA

Hi Andy!

Got your note.  I don't ever show before photos of my clients homes.  I don't even take them.  It's like saying "look what a mess this house/person was before I arrived".  Since I represent the person, and not the house, I am not permitted to share their worst...only their best :)

I will enter the contest though, because I love you!  :)  I have photos of my own house that were in the internet when I bought it and photos of how I've staged it differently (Yes, we did move that piano, thank you!) to get it ready for market by month end. 

So my before and afters will be odd, as they both were in showing condition...just different owners of the same house and different agents.  I'll have to read how I enter this.

Jul 17, 2008 01:27 PM
Karen Otto
Home Star Staging - Plano, TX
Plano Home Staging, Dallas Home Staging,

Nice talking to you today Andy!  I'll have something for you in the next few days for the contest.

Jul 17, 2008 02:30 PM
Connie Tebyani
Platinum Home Staging, Inc. : RESA-Pro - Calabasas, CA
Platinum Home Staging, Los Angeles and Ventura County

Here's a link to my entry - woohoo!

Jul 17, 2008 02:43 PM
Andy Capelluto
International School of Staging - Seattle, WA

OMG all these wonderful visitors and even an entry.     Ardell lets move the piano back for a before photo :) Karen - thanks for the redirecting traffic back here.  Love you both Ardell and Karen and LOVE your work Connie Tebyani.  Thanks for being our first entry

Jul 17, 2008 05:31 PM
Andy Capelluto
International School of Staging - Seattle, WA

Hey, it's the weekend.  Try to find a little time to enter this competition.........

Jul 18, 2008 10:28 AM
Karen Otto
Home Star Staging - Plano, TX
Plano Home Staging, Dallas Home Staging,

Hi Andy - here's my entry with written content as well (more than you asked for I'm sure)! Even if I don't "win" please feel free to use any of the photos if you wish.

Jul 18, 2008 02:59 PM
Andy Capelluto
International School of Staging - Seattle, WA

Thank you Karen for your entry and comments.  Again we share the same opinion.  I also fully beleive that sellers prefer to save their $ for their new home and so a large staging budget is not always realistic.  It is up to the stager to create a 'fabulous 'look' that won't cost the earth.  We are creating a stage set, we're not decorating.  Good Luck!

Jul 19, 2008 12:51 AM
ARDELL DellaLoggia
Better Properties Seattle - Kirkland, WA

Do I need to post the links here?  I am doing entries room by room.  I also posted a link to this post in my post, hoping to spread the word of the contest.

Leaving for Inman Tuesday morning.  Never have a contest during a major RE agent convention :)

Jul 20, 2008 03:24 AM
Kym Hough
www.Staged-to-Sell - Danville, CA
Staged to Sell East Bay - Danville, CA

Great idea I love it. I will be entering this week. thanks for the fun contest. Kym

Jul 20, 2008 06:09 AM
Mel Aclaro
RealtyU - Anaheim Hills, CA

Some great entries coming in!  Andy Capelluto is a good friend of mine and was happy to accept her request that I help compile all the entries for judging next week. 

And, along those lines, I just wanted to help Andy remind everyone that if you haven't posted your entry(ies) yet, do so soon!  Just a few more days remaining.  Also, rumour has it that there's some desire to add a 5th category -- exterior "before/after".  So, be on the lookout for that category, as well.

Good luck all!  :-)

Jul 21, 2008 05:38 AM
Andy Capelluto
International School of Staging - Seattle, WA

Well we're off to a great start, and we're impressed with the high standard of work being done out there.  This is exciting!!

Jul 22, 2008 04:34 PM
Andy Capelluto
International School of Staging - Seattle, WA

Only a week left to submit your entries.

Jul 27, 2008 06:25 AM
andy capelluto

Time is running out - only 2 days left to enter this exciting competition.  Cool prizes to won, and the chance to play an important role in educating future stagers and be mentioned by name as someone who has contributed to the process.

Aug 01, 2008 05:03 PM