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Neighborhood Profile: Lockeland Springs

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East Nashvilleism

One of Nashville's robust areas in East Nashville is Lockeland Springs.  Many transplants and locals are drawn to the area for the reputation of Lockeland Elementary, the charm of the homes and the nightlife of Five Points.

Lockeland Springs Map

Lockeland Springs is the area south of Eastland, east of Gallatin, north of Shelby and west of Shelby Park (see map>>)

As you drive down Lockeland Spring's main boulevard, Woodland Street, you'll first enter Five Points with my favorite fish place, Batter'd and Fried (see video), Bongo Java (coffee house), I Dream of Weinee (hot dog stand), Garage Majah (local art gallery), Rumours II (wine bar), MadDonna's (neighborhood restaurant) and Lipstick Lounge (neighborhood bar).  Outside of the Woodland Street merchants, you'll find Sweet 16 (bakery), Top of Woodland (bed and breakfast) and many other neighborhood standards.  The Shelby Dog Park is technically in this neighborhood and a fabulous Sunday afternoon trek for everything from Chihuahua to Great Dane.  You'll need to bring proof of vaccination and keep a pooper scooper ready.  The neighbors take great pride in the cleaniness and social atmosphere of the dog park.


Lockeland Springs HousesHome architecture varies from new home historic replicas, Victorians, four-squares, bungalows, Tudors.  This part of town is known well as Nashville's "left brain," meaning it's quite a liberal area.  There's a very strong arts community as well as strong GLTB community.  Some of the bohemians of the early 1990s who were grabbing bargain homes have earned their equity and been replaced with red-wagon-child-filled- pulling, iPod high-stepping PTA members with an edge.  Other bohemians remain and grew with the community, including owners of local businesses and developments. 

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