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New Home Buyers.....Things to think about!

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Things to look for when purchasing a new home for the first time. We understand that the majority of us during this exciting time are willing to look over many important details when viewing a potential home that has captured our hearts.

It really is a balancing act to purchase a home with in your budget (getting your pre-approval will help you determine your budget for the home and any addition furniture or renovations that you may need), to find a home within an area you want to live (for example close to work, schools and other amenities) which are important for the success of your schedule and budget.

Budget   -   Area   -   Potential      Vs     Cost/Budget   -   Resale Potential    -   Time

We do caution you at this point to review the following points before, during, and after you have placed your first proposal as a first time investor. You need to consider all the fundamentals involved with your new purchase. I would still recommend a complete Inspections with you as the buyer in attendance. There are a number of considerations the Inspector is not going to cover in the review of the property.

* Your potential in your NEW HOME and what you may consider to be a future project.

* How will your wishes for the prospective changes effect your RE-SALE at a later date?

* Renovations / Projects are worth the investment Vs investing your monies into projects you may not see any return from.

Don't through your money away. Make informed decisions!

Compliments of Tena Wait of Total Home Design


C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

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