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Why Houses For Rent With Managers Sell Quicker

July 10th, 2008

Market analysts say that owners of mansions, upscale condos and luxury high-rises are struggling to sell as vacant properties and need that “lived in” look that only houses for rent agreements can provide.

“A home looks and feels much more beautiful with nice things in it, furniture and personal things, and someone living there,” said Sukie Fee, president of SeaCliff Realty Home in Huntington Beach. “It’s a very subtle, almost subliminal thing.”

Sukie Fee says that she’s used 30 home managers to sell properties. The people taking advantage of her houses for rent often have their own homes but enjoy the opportunity of living in a multi-million dollar mansion. Others may have relocated and are looking for a new place, are currently living with relatives or are considering buying the home themselves.

Most of Fee’s home managers bring their own furniture, check to see that the place is heated or cooled properly and alert her to any trouble spots in need of repair. It’s not unusual for a home manager to request 50% off the houses for rent in exchange for providing furniture – which is most always worth it.

To find reliable managers to take the houses for rent, the Showhomes national franchise runs a screening program in exchange for $5,000 on a Million-dollar home when it sells. Seller Kathy Wright said her Huntington Beach home sat on the market for six months but sold for over $1 million within six weeks of moving the home manager in. Similarly, Penny and Michael Niccole sold their home for $2.6 million within two months of hiring Showhomes-approved managers.

Showhomes services 22 different states and have clients with luxury homes starting as low as $650,000, but are, on average, priced at $2 million. The houses for rent generally go from $1,650 to $4,500.

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