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Home Builder with The Restored Homestead

As a builder and historical preservationist, our business has definately found a new niche. It's amazing how many antique home lovers are out there diaheartened when they see 'a gem' falling into gross disrepair. It's great to know so many people have the same passion!

Country Living has been out to do a photo shoot of our last project, 'The Pierce Homestead'. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them do their magic with the decor. Some of the pieces had us roaring out load as they arrived, but when they put it all together it was amazing. I know I wanted to stay there. We, unfortunately can't post many pictures on our website or otherwise until well after the magazine is out - THAT'S THE FEBRUARY ISSUE 2009  - but we can tell you that this house, like all our projects, was a special and unique home. It was customized with the buyers input all the way, and we ended up with a very happy family living in their one of a kind homestead.

What is our buyer profile? Obviously it is someone who likes antiques. But more than that, they have a connection to New Englands special place in history. Typically they are or were in the service. Some are looking for a family home for a longevity move... and are not looking to get into a life of constant repairs. Great cooks like our great kitchens! And engineers and other builders appreciate the craftsmanship and quality wood. And I'm sure there are many others... As we've said before, we welcome working with buyers agents, and we can help with providing exactly what they want and need. 

Another new addition to our business is just that... additions. We have been recruited by a nice couple with an incrediable antique home to create an addition, and we were chosen because unlike other builders, we use the match of antique wood and detailing. Yes, we have our barn of beams and doors and other things, and we can easily create what will look like an ell that was built around the same time as the home. Isn't that fun!

What's our next project?  After a well deserved break and some R & D, we are moving forward to doing...  ah, wouldn't you like to know!  :-D  It's still in the re-design stages, but promises to be another fun project with lots of our special touches. Hand painted things, special nooks and crannies, and a touch of the homes own unique past.

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