How to Sell Your House Fast – At the Price You Want!

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The Inside Secrets to Seller Financing

When it comes to selling real estate, one of the biggest obstacles sellers face is a so-called "depressed" market. Even when a property is highly desirable, it can be hard to get the price you want in this real estate environment. You could end up losing a lot of time, money, and opportunities, waiting for a "perfect buyer" who my never materialize.

The traditional solution is to drop your asking price. But this common strategy doesn't always work in your favor. In fact, it can work against you, making your home seem undesirable and your position seem weak.

But there is a way to turn this challenge into a profitable opportunity!

The Seller Finance Solution

More and more home sellers are turning to private financing to sell properties quickly and at the best possible price. Why? Because it's a great way to reach an untapped group of potential buyers looking to buy a home outside of conventional financing.

Seller financing can put you back in the driver's seat and turn any market into a seller's dream!

You see, there is a large percentage of a first-time home buyer who cannot get approved for bank funding because of their credit situation. These buyers will offer to pay even MORE than the asking price for the opportunity to live the American dream of home ownership.

Once you understand a few secrets to seller financing, you'll know why these "credit challenged" folks can be your perfect buyers" and provide a positive solution for ALL parties involved.

1. Seller financing can enable YOU to sell your home quickly and easily, at the price you want.

2. It gives the BUYER a chance to purchase a home that would otherwise be out of reach.

3. If a real estate agent is involved, it allows the agent to collect a commission from a sale that wouldn't  happen through traditional means.

So everyone wins!

Turning the sale into cash

But what happens if the buyer does not put down a substantial down payment and the other seller needs additional cash to purchase another property?  That's where the beauty of seller financing comes in.  It's possible for the seller - now the mortgage holder - to turn around and sell the mortgage note for a lump sum of cash!

It's easier and more common that most people ever imagine! 

We can provide holders of mortgage notes immediate cash for their paper asset.  In fact, if you or someone you know holds a mortgage note, I can help turn it into CASH right now!

If you would like to learn more about the creation and/or sale of a real estate note, please contact us at (347)844-1435 or send an email to

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