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Real Estate Appraiser with Valucent Corp.

Dear Homeowner,

As you may already know, selling your home in today's market can be difficult.  We would like to share with you how we can help you sell your property faster and for the right price.

An independent professional appraisal can shorten your time-to-sale and make sale negotiations easier.  It can give credibility to your asking price and can effectively end haggling.  When you have a current appraisal on your home, prospective buyers feel more confident in buying your home and in their ability to secure the financing*.  You will also feel more comfortable in having an unbiased professional opinion of your home's market value before selling.

A professional appraisal is an independent third party opinion of your home's value.  When you show the home, the appraisal is a concrete selling tool, showing potential buyers that you are serious about your price and about selling.

Valucent Corp. is a national appraisal management company that has qualified and licensed appraisal professionals who are experienced in appraising homes values in your local market.  For an additional level of quality control, the appraisal of your home will go through our in-house review process which will make certain your report is as accurate as possible. 

As a national real estate appraisal company, we also have the coverage to complete appraisal assignments on any out of area or out of state properties you may have, such as; summer/vacation homes, vacant land, second homes, or investment properties.  Aside from providing pre-listing estimates we can appraise properties for individual consumers for the purpose of probate/estate settlement, estate planning, divorce/matrimonial disputes, pre-purchase price estimates, and more.  If you are in default or in threat of foreclosure**, an independent appraisal can help you determine if you have remaining equity in your home and if selling is right for you or, if your bank allows, for support in working out a "short sale" arrangement with your lender.  We also offer appraisals and field reviews that can be completed back to ("as of") the date of the original appraisal completed to obtain your mortgage to ascertain if the appraisal was accurate at that time.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 631-629-4095 or e-mail us at  We also invite you to visit us on the web at  We look forward to serving your real estate appraisal needs.  

Valucent Corp. accepts all major credit and debit cards.  


The Valucent Corp. Customer Service Team

*The appraisals completed for individuals cannot be used for purposes other than what they are written for including mortgage lending.  Most lenders require their own independent appraisal completed for mortgage purposes.

**We recommend that you consult an attorney if you are at risk of foreclosure.

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