Open letter to real estate attorneys who handle probate, estate planning, trusts, divorce, foreclosure defense...

Real Estate Appraiser with Valucent Corp.

Dear Attorney,

Please allow us the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Valucent Corp. is national real estate appraisal company serving both local and national markets.   We have a network of qualified licensed appraiser's throughout the country. 

One of our core streams of business is attorneys and their clients whom we feel can be better served from a real estate appraisal stand-point.  Valucent Corp. provides appraisals for estate settlement/probate, estate planning, divorce/matrimonial disputes, trusts, wills, pre-listing price determination, and more.  One of the benefits to using Valucent Corp. is that, as a national appraisal firm, we can meet the needs and appraise the properties of clients who own more than one property in different states as well as providing individual appraisals to local properties. 

In today's market atmosphere, we know many attorneys also have clients interested in "foreclosure defense", mortgage "work out" and "short sell" arrangements with their lenders and have sought counsel regarding such arrangements.  This is yet another area we may be of assistance to you and your firm.  

If you feel you or anyone in your practice may be in of need of our services, we would very much appreciate your considering our firm.  You can contact me at 631-629-4095, or e-mail me at .  Also, feel free to visit our website at

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Valucent Corp.

Phone: 631-629-4095

"Clear solutions to your real estate valuation needs"

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