The Golden Rule(rant)

Real Estate Sales Representative with Goff Realty, Inc

Why do some people go out of thier way to be ugly? I notice it a lot in the Real Estate business(almost as much as retail). We use a showing service to schedule the showings of our homes and that service sends automatic email requests for feedback. One particular agent had an offer on a listing and had to schedule a final walk through or something like that. The service requested feedback and she left a catty remark. Totally unnecessary and leaves a bad impression. There are many very nice and genuine agents in our area but I guess for everyso many good ones you get a rude one in the bunch. I am a firm believer in do unto others...... I aslo believe that what goes around most certainly comes around and in a business where so much is based on our reputaion I can't imagine why we would not exhibit professionalism to our peers as well as to our clients.

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