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Mortgage and Lending with LICENSE IS NOT PLACED

Yes, the non-conforming and subprime markets have taken a hit. But the Full-doc loans are still ok. 100% financing is still available along with Down Payment Assistance. This is what I think. The lower priced homes will be the next big selling item. The reason I say this is because the stated income loans require more money down. They are still out there but for the investor to reduce risk, they are now requiring higher credit scores and lower ltv's. The full doc loan programs make us verify income. No more getting just a little bigger home. If the customer doesn't have great credit or a lot of money to put down, they will have to do a full doc loan. This means they may not qualify for as big of a home as they once did. So, If you are not selling lower priced homes, It may take longer to get a qualified borrower and your sales my be farther and farther apart.Are you looking yet

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