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Great Buys in the ROSWELL Real Estate Market are NOW!!

There are many opinions about the REAL ESTATE MARKET both on the National level and on the Local level.  Some people feel very negative about the REAL ESTATE MARKET, while many professinals are very Positive about the market we are currently in.  Whatever your opinon may be, here is something to think about....


3 Months Ago                                              Today                                              3 Months From Now

$250,000                                                $230,000                                                  $200,000


5.5% Interest Rate @ 30yr            6.5% Interest Rate  @ 30yr                     7.25% Interest Rate @ 30yr

Monthly Mortgage 1419.47           Monthly Mortgage 1453.76                      Monthly Mortgage 1432.57

(**rate is a hypothetical example in all 3 cases**)


This is a hypothetical example with some very real life applications.  Buyers are waiting for the REAL ESTATE MARKET to bottom out.  Looking at the above example what is this actually accomplishing?!?!  Well....the ANSWER is that a buyer may end up paying the same or more in a monthly mortgage payment today for the same house a priced higher a few months ago.  In the ROSWELL REAL ESTATE MARKET home prices are not depreciating anything like what the general public thinks.  In fact the Great Homes are usually priced right and sell quickly.  So, not only has this BUYER not gained anything from waiting 3 months for the price of the home to drop, but now this BUYER has lost their DREAM HOME to another savvy buyer. 


In today's ROSWELL REAL ESTATE MARKET, the BUYERS who waiting for the REAL ESTATE MARKET to bottom out, may wake up tomorrow and realize......they MISSED IT!!


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Great blog for the a/r community.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Sep 20, 2008 06:33 AM