Lead Based paint inspection

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Today I had an appraisal come back asking for the seller to do a lead based paint inspection

on a moderate home listed for 104,000. Has anyone ever had to do this? This is for a rual

development loan. It must be performed by a certified lead based paint inspector.


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Steven L. Smith
King of the House Home Inspection, Inc. - Bellingham, WA
Bellingham WA Home Inspector

I once had an MD client who wanted one, not a bank. She hired this guy with an electrical device that he carried all over the house. The metal in the paint, lead, responds differently than paint without the lead. It was not cheap....about $650.00

Jul 11, 2008 05:54 PM
Linda Lipscomb
Linda Lipscomb RE/MAX Lexington Henderson County TN - Lexington, TN
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Heck, I wouldn't know where to find a lead based paint inspector!!

Is the paint peeling badly????  Why would he ask for such a thing???  With RD, I have had them ask to scrap the paint from old wooden windows (they wouldn't open).

Good luck with this one.


Jul 11, 2008 05:56 PM
Joe Farro
Premier Capital Mortgage - Mc Donough, GA

Try your home inspector and if that does not work contact a paint specialty store as they may have some references.  good luck

Jul 12, 2008 04:35 AM
Scott Gilligan
Accuracy Assured Home Inspections, LLC - Philadelphia, PA

Hello Sandy,


Most states require that you be certified and licensed to conduct lead based paint testing. You can contact your state Department of Environmental Protection agency and they should be able to give you a list of certified and licensed individuals to perform this kind of testing. There are two acceptable types of testing that provide relaiable results for lead based paint testing. One is XRF, which uses a portable handheld x-ray machine specificly calibarated to detect lead baed paint. The machines are very expensive, so the companies that do this type of testing are going to charge big bucks. The problem with this type of testing is that it will detect lead based paint in base coats that do not pose a problem. Lead based paint becomes a problem when it starts to become dusty or flakes. The EPA suggests that if the integrity of areas that have lead based paint is in good condition, no action is recommended. The second more reliable method it the lead wipe test. This is not to be confused with the cheap little lead swabs that are available in most home centers. They are not accurate at all.

Jul 20, 2008 03:30 PM
Sandy Gleason
North Pointe Realty - Buhl, ID
Realtor for Southern Idaho-Magic Valley

Scott: Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me. I did find out that

a licensed inspector would be needed and the charge would be around $1200 plus travel

fees as they would have to come about 125 miles. The good news is that Rual Development

has waived the test and it will not be needed and we are closing on the home tomorrow.

Jul 20, 2008 03:38 PM