Vincent, How much did the house up the block sell for?

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This is one of the questions I get asked more often than any other. 

"They sold the house at 123 XYZ street. Do you know how much it sold for". 

Often the person asking the question will be a bit surprised as to my findings. "But the neighbor said they got X amount more then what you're telling me Vincent". Guess what... sometimes they're a bit embarrased to have to admit the best offer wasn't what they said it was.

I can find out how much any home sold for in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island if the home was listed on the MLS.  After the sale closes the information is published. . . but not until after it closes. So if you're wondering what your neighbor's home sold for email me to get the facts of record. After all, what they sold it for will affect your property's value!

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