Building Community in Alabaster, Alabama

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Alabaster logoI live in Alabaster, Alabama. It’s a great city situated in Shelby County, just south of Birmingham in the northern part of the state. Today I want to spotlight the neighborhood I live in called Weatherly. Weatherly is a modern swim and tennis club development with over 600 home sites. In addition to the swim and tennis club it offers several lakes and a clubhouse. The subdivision offers numerous home styles and home sites, including garden homes, lakefront homes, mountain top homes and estate size lots. With a neighborhood this size it is easy to get lost in the crowd and feel overwhelmed by the number of neighbors you have. This can affect your sense of belonging to a community by making you feel isolated.

I’m sure everybody reading this has probably seen the old Andy Griffith series on T.V. We all enjoyed the anticsAndy Griffith of Opie and his friends playing cowboys and Indians, or Andy and Barney working on the latest case in Mayberry, and of course Aunt Bea trying to make the best batch of pickles for this years fair. Mayberry was a small town where everybody new one another. A community where everybody saw each other more often, did things together, and helped you out when you needed anything.

These days life is different. It’s faster paced, we’re on the road more, and we don’t get to see our neighbors and friends as much as we may want to. One thing the Weatherly neighborhood is doing to promote a closer knit community is to take advantage of the internet by creating an online presence. Because most everybody these days has a computer and an internet connection the website provides an online meeting place for residents of the neighborhood. logoFourth of July was created by Iveta Thetford. She says that her motivation for creating the website was to have an online community for the neighborhood, where neighbors can find out about the other neighbors, their interests, services offered, and to meet new friends that live in the same community, but never see because of the different work schedules. The website brings together all of these aspects of what makes a small community appealing. It includes current news (both neighborhood and city), services offered by local residents, and articles written by people in the neighborhood. There is even a classified section for those wanting to buy, sell, or trade anything. In addition, anyone trying to sell their home can add information for potential buyers to view. Lastly, there is the forum section where residents can communicate with each other. By providing a website that brings together all of the facets of a community, the neighborhood can grow closer and everybody can get to know one another better. is relatively new but it is already starting to build a sense of community among the residents of Weatherly.

This article by no means covers everything the website has to offer. To find out more about the neighborhood, and become a part of the community, check it out at

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