Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Preferred



What can I say but THIS IS SO COOL. Way to go with your Group. I do think that it's a work in progress. This group and hope the group as members we must seek out others to make ASD grows even bigger then Google or Ebay, or another big website.

For everyone in the world to have opportunity to work and be successful. I feel we must talk to others just to help them learn more after joining, with the sponsor or their choice.

To learn what the sponsor can help them do more. Other then just telling them how to surf. Tell them just surf and nothing else? NO, we plan on them knowing HOW ASD WORKS, HOW SPONSORS like us are working to make the few dollars, We must let them know that it does take time to make money on ASD.

But, that's where Sponsor's need to coach them on the advertising links that the ad package is being sold on ASD. Learn how to sell their business 500 times a day with PTCadverts. Join with ASD to do the businesses that allows members to work together. 

ASD is for everyone. I plan on client's earning rebates on the iinspection's if they have a ASD Membership number. And, giving client's the choice of cash or they may join and I will transfer to their ASD account. Very simple to do all that.

So, that is some of the ways ASD lets us help each other. The future of the ASD is up to us to work together, we can rebate one another by transfering from ASD to the others account.

Say you want to sell an item? ASD is one way to send you money via ASD. How's that for the group helping members and non'members. SPONSORS HONOR.

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