Raingutter Regatta

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My son won first place in his cub scouts troops Raingutter Regatta this weekend! I sometimes find myself conflicted when I am so proud and happy for him to win and the other boys who have tried just as hard didn't win. I have to remind myself that I have been the mom consoling the boy all the way home because he didn't win the trophy or the game. We try to teach our kids to be good sports, and in scouts it is an underlying message-do your best and that is good enough. I tried to keep his ego in check when he told me "that first place trophy will be mine". But how do you stifle that drive? You don't. Which is exactly why he cries when he loses a baseball or basketball game. He has that need to succeed and to be rewarded for it. I guess we all have it to a certain degree. I am very proud of my son not because he won, because he puts his heart and aoul in everything he does. I know I will be picking up the pieces of a broken ego a lot in his life but it will be well worth it knowing that he is learning valuable lessons everytime.

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