(HVCC) Home Valuation Code of Conduct....AKA; Cuomo Agreement...

Real Estate Appraiser with Valucent Corp.

Attention: Mortgage brokers, loan officers and mortgage bankers...

Can your current real estate appraisal providers accommodate your needs coming into 2009, considering the proposed changes created by the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC)? 

Valucent Corp. (www.valucent.com) is a nationwide appraisal management company that was created by experienced appraisers and appraisal managers who understand the needs of clients and obligations of appraisers on a national level.  The concept for our company was developed prior to the introduction of the Cuomo Agreements and the advancement of the HVCC.  The founders of Valucent Corp. had started this endeavor due to shortcomings we felt existed from smaller appraisal shop and larger national vendor management company, for their multiple state clients  

Our platform allows us to meet your appraisal needs on a national level yet give you the kind of personalized service you would expect from a local appraisal firm.  We respect our client's needs and understand our appraiser's obligations. 

The Valucent Corp.'s founding management team has over 55 years of collective experience appraising residential properties, more than 32 years experience in national appraisal review and fraud detection.  We have worked as the appraiser and as the client of appraisers.  Our understanding of both bridges the gap left by traditional Appraisal Management Companies.  Our business focus is the appraisal, real estate valuation and related services.  We are not a title company who turned to appraisal and we are not a local appraisal shop that turned national.  We have the experience as appraisers and we have the experience nationwide.  This concentration of experience enables us to detect and reconcile problems in advance of delivery to the client to ensure clear and accurate valuations.  Our quality control procedures have been developed over the past decade and are unparalleled.  Our proprietary vendor scoring system ensures good service and outstanding quality. 

Our mission at Valucent Corp. is to match our clients with seasoned valuation professionals and products to meet all of their needs.  We value appraiser independence and we deliver unbiased valuation opinions.  Today's environment requires independent valuation and auditing services.  Valucent Corp. is poised to meet these needs, clearly and objectively.

Valucent Corp. can be contacted by phone at 631-629-4095, by e-mail at info@valucent.com, or on the web at www.valucent.com.

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