Our visit to Port Townsend, WA

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My wife and I just spend this past weekend in a very nice and friendly small town in Washington named Port Townsend.  Now some people might not think that Port Townsend is a small town but it has that small town feel about it and every one seems to know everyone else. 

 On our way there we stopped at Port Hadlock for Hadlock days. We got there just in time to watch the end of their parade, in fact we were almost in it as we drove into to town just behind the last ‘parade' people, but we quickly found a spot to park and watch it. We then quickly (because there weren't a lot of them) checked out the booths and watched a little bit of the lawn mover racing.

 We then continued up to Port Townsend a town of about 10,000 residents.  We had lunch at the Water Street Brewing and Ale House.  Wow what a great meal to start our visit and to give us the energy to start shopping in the downtown area.  We of course also had to sample ice cream from the Elevated Ice Cream and Candy store. Ok, we more than just sampled some we had some and it was very good.

 During our stops at the shops we asked the locals about what would be a great place for dinner and they said T's would be a great place with great food.  And they were right.  The food was awesome as were the martini's we had.  We had a small issue with the service the food more than made up for that.  There a lot of other great restaurants in town and the next time we come to Port Townsend we plan on trying as many as our waist lines will allow. 

 We stayed at a small but great hotel called the Washington Hotel.  There are only four rooms at this hotel and it is a self check-in and check-out place.  To make reservations you need to contact MaryLou at 360 301-1271, she manages a number of other places in the area also. Our room at the hotel was room 2 and it has two beds with a small sitting area.  It was very clean and up to date.  I asked her if she could have some Stargazer lilies in our room when we checked in as they are my wife's favorite flower and we were there to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.  She took care of it and they were and still are lovely.  By the way as we were packing up our car to leave we ran into MaryLou and she a very nice and friendly person with a lot of local knowledge.  

 Of course no visit to this historic town would be complete without spending some time at Fort Worden State Park.  I didn't know much about it until I Googled it this morning...I know I should have don't that before we left on Saturday morning but you know I didn't.  Anyway we spend some time checking out the Fort and thought it was great.  And now I know that it was a working U. S. Army fort from 1902 until 1953.  From 1957 until 1971 it was used as a juvenile detention facility.  It is been a state park since 1973.  It was the filming location the movie ‘An officer and Gentlemen' starring Lou Gossett Jr. (winner of the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for this movie), Richard Gere and Debra Winger.  And yes I am old enough to remember watching this movie in the theater.  

On Sunday we decided to take a drive over to Port Angeles.  Along the way we stopped at ‘Sunny Farms' (another place one of the locals in Port Townsend told us about) for our fresh fruits.  It is located in Sequim.  Great place.   

Without a doubt the best part of our visit was how nice and friendly everyone was in Port Townsend and Port Angeles.  We are looking forward to our next trip out there this time we might even take our kids with....yea we'll see if we will let them out of their cages....just kidding.