Local content on your website - where is it?

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I've spent a considerable amount of time just clicking and browsing and looking and wandering over numerous websites by real estate agents and brokers. Time after time I'm left wandering why there is so little information about the local communities they are "experts" in.

When I say local information... I'm not referring to the statistics and data info that is often incorporated into the canned sites. I want to see real info about what a place is like, what's going on, what's there to do and what does it look like.

I really want to know. So, please click the poll below and let me know why there isn't more local content on your site.

Also, if you've got a site that you feel does have the local beat down, let me know in the comments... I'd love to see some examples of how people are incorporating it into their sites.

Thanks for participating.

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Graydon Peters
Marlin Creek - Humble, TX

Odd - I got an email that says there was a comment... but nothing is here... and I can't update the entry based upon the comment that was made.

So - a clarification - When I said "your site" I was talking about the non-AR site(s) that you have such as www.firstlastname.com and www.theareathatIcover.com


Jul 15, 2008 06:21 AM