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I just have to write and tell you about this...

It's been about a month since the launch of the Short Sale Lead Generator Program. I've received so much Email about this site and what it is and what it does and...

Finding leads requires that people (homeowners) can find you and find where you want them to contact you. The Internet gives both of you the technology to meet and to get to know each other. But how do you get people to find you? Where do they find you...

Would a highly visible web site, or high ranking on Yahoo or Google get people to your web site to sign up?

STOP the roller coaster and just read this report
Stop your head from spinning!

You can download the report by right clicking here.

Right click and save it to your computer before you open it - it's a PDF document.

I have to tell you that I'm really surprised.

Surprised by the number of people who have taken on this program without any technical background whatsoever. But there are a good number of people out there who are sitting back scratching their head - trying to figure out why the SSLG program is something that they can't wrap their arms around.

Wondering what it is. Wondering why they even need leads.

Relax - if you don't get it, just go back to what you were doing and life will be just fine... for a while...

Someone has moved your cheese - you may not have figured it out yet. When you do it might be too late.

TRUTH - In our economy today there is a real increase of pending Foreclosures and there is no way that these homeowners can afford to stay in their homes.

TRUTH - In our economy today there is an increased need for homes for first-time home buyers who have financing - have a good job - and have good credit.

TRUTH - In our economy today there is a huge number of wealthy people who are sitting there with cash to buy up these Real Estate deals. Did I mention that they have cash? Oh yeah - silly me!

TRUTH - There are other 'deals' in Real Estate too and one wouldn't have to do a single Short Sale or deal with a single Foreclosure property.

But maybe you don't see this.

I have to tell you that I stopped watching the local news. I'm tired of them lying to their viewers about our economy and the conditions in our community. I guess these 'newscasters' and I use the term lightly, haven't heard the story of Chicken Little - if they did, maybe they wouldn't be so quick to report that the sky is falling...

Well, ok - if you don't see the opportunity in our world today, then there isn't much that I can do...

I'm working with your competitors and they are cleaning up in your market. Too bad they see it and you don't!

Anyway - take a look at this report and maybe you will see some other application for this technology - click here to get your copy. I'm not asking for your Email address to get this and all you have to do is download it to read it.

To your success...

Michael Hobach


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Michael Collins
*ROCK REALTY|Broker|Realtor|Real Estate|WI Short Sale Agent* - Janesville, WI
CDPE, SFR , Wisconsin Short Sale Specialist Realto

Is your program working out still?

May 24, 2010 05:17 AM