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CONDOS AT ST AUGUSTINE BEACH AND CRESCENT BEACH CONDO SALES ARE FINALLY STARTING TO SHOW SOME LIFE. July and August normally are slow for sales even when business was pretty good in years past but a combination of circumstances are obviously in play right now.  Buyers are realizing perhaps their money is safer in ocean front real estate than in the bank.  Sellers are realizing that if they really want to sell they have to drop their prices back to 2004 levels on average.  This has been the brew for success lately.  We would normally knock off for the summer and get ready for this winter and brisk sales, but everybody at the office has been working seven days a week showing condos on the beaches and we have put a nice collection of units under contract.

We are cherry picking for the buyers pointing out specific "steals and deals at St Augustine Beach and Crescent Beach on condos"  with the hottest sections right now centered around a complex called Barefoot Trace.  Barefoot Trace is an all ocean front condo complex at Crescent Beach with heated pool, hot tub, covered parking, elevators.  Average square feet is around 1400-1500 each unit.  All balconies overlook Crescent Beach and the ocean front pool.  The building is four stories high, solid concrete and located in the heart of Crescent Beach.  There is currently a second floor unit that should be classified as "grand theft condo" for whoever gets it.  Catch more details on our website at

Summerhouse Condos on south Crescent Beach is also showing some life with lowering of prices into the high 300s lately.  You can purchase a beautiful ocean view townhouse that was totally renovated for a 2004 price and it is brand new inside and out.

Anastasia Condos at south St. Augustine Beach have some nice units for sale at very good prices right now.  We recently closed on an ocean front 3 br for $575,000 that had been totally renovated.  There are more ocean view units for much less for sale as well, Anastasia Condos are an excellent value.

Crescent Beach Ocean front lots for sale include a simply extraordinary 100 footer that is over 400 feet deep with a 25 foot high sand dune.  A new home can be constructed on this lot up to 9000 square feet three stories high and would have a view up and down the beach for ten miles and of the intracoastal waterway for another ten.  Views to the west are approximately 20 miles from the top floor of a single family home in the Crescent Beach area.

Crescent Beach is the home of the rich and famous who don't want anybody to know they are there.  We have songwriters, football players, professinal football coaches, several major college coaches, pro basketball players, rock stars and more all keeping a low profile and enjoying the benefits of the snow white hard sand beaches, blue surf and island lifestyle.  We have many high profile executives living on our beach too from all over the country, even a world renowned heart surgeon who disappears here from time to time at his home on the beach and his yacht he keeps downtown at the marina. 

St Augustine Beach and Crescent Beach has it all except for traffic and noise.  Find out about our properties for sale and our lifestyle at our website

posted 7/15/08  by Ronnie Tumlin

Deborah Fisher
Fisher & Company, P.A., Marketing & Creative Strategists - Fort Worth, TX

Ronnie, I read with interest that your sales are moving along.  Congrats!!  I have found that, generally, buyers who have been in their homes prior to 2001 and have not sucked the equity out are in good shape to sell and move to the beach or into something larger, smaller, closer to town, etc.   Both Buyers and Sellers need to make that move before they are priced out of the market (again!) and buyers need to realize that the "bottom" for properties that are in a desirable location or are unique (i.e., not cookie cutter) has already hit and are we are now on the upswing. 

Keep spreading the good news!


Jul 15, 2008 07:59 AM