Amissville and Jeffersonton Price Per Square Foot

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A recent lunch with a banker friend got me curious about current prices per square foot in specific local subdivisions. Apparently a builder had recently told my friend that he couldn't build a house (including land acquisition costs) for as little as the current price per square foot on existing homes. If you're a builder, that's trouble!

So, I'm going to do a series of posts, not necessarily sequential, looking at several subdivisions in a local area and what the average sale price per square foot looks like.

First I should define a few things. I'm looking at specific subdivisions because they are more uniform. It's easier to make comparisons without having to factor out the amount of land. They are usually built at about the same time. All in all, they are more likely to result in more accurate comparisons.

The sale price that I'm using is the sold price as taken from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) minus any money paid by the seller to help with closing costs. So, it's a net sales price.

The square footage information is taken from the tax records. That means that occasionally the square footage is going to be inaccurate if, say, a homeowner finished the basement without getting the proper permits.

All that said, let's take a look at three subdivisions in the Amissville and Jeffersonton area.

South Wales had the largest volume of sales of the subdivisions I looked at with five sales since 1/1/2008. The average price per square foot of the homes sold is $118.89.

Quail Ridge had four homes sold. The average price per square foot there is $110.50.

Wildwood Forest showed only two homes. That makes the data more suspect here as the two homes had enough differences that I don't view this number as very useful. But, for what it's worth, the price per square foot, on average, was $125.91.

I wanted to look at two additional subdivisions in this area, Deerfield and Erinbrook, but there weren't even two sales in either of these (at least per the MLS).

If you live in the Amissville or Jeffersonton area and have a home for sale, you might consider taking a look at how your home compares with these numbers. Is it time for a price reduction?

If your a buyer, keep these numbers in mind as you look for the house you want, then compare the listing price to these numbers.

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